“TO KNOW YOUR TRUE SELF, THE DIVINE AND ETERNAL BEING WITHIN YOU, IS TO DISCOVER POWERFUL FREEDOM AND FULFILLMENT. To cultivate love in your relationship with yourself is to expand the presence of that inner divine being and create love on this Earth. SPIRITUALITY THEN, IS A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY WHEREIN YOU HAVE THE POWER TO TOUCH GOD—TO KNOW, AND EVEN EMBODY THE DIVINE. Join me on that journey. This is a space dedicated to your self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation of consciousness.”

“Sarah is a gifted, patient, and enlightening teacher. Her Angelic Ascension program is a beautiful spiritual experience, both healing and uplifting. It exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed it all! I am grateful to Spirit, and to Sarah for the expansive blessings she has brought into my life.”


-Carol R.

“Wow! I am so happy and grateful for my entire experience with Sarah Hall’s Angelic Ascension Program! The lessons, meditations and Zoom meetings were packed full of elevated spiritual wisdom, raising the frequency of my spiritual self to a very high level of joy, trust, inner bliss and excitement for the future. Love is the key ingredient, and Sarah’s Angelic messages were and are truly divine! The healing and increased awareness continues everyday. Ascension is happening through my awareness and heart filled with love! I feel it, I know it! Sarah is so truly kind and compassionate. Thank you so much to Sarah and the many Angels who are present, and loving and assisting us every step of the way.


-Janet F.

Sarah’s Angelic Ascension Program is maybe the best thing I have done for myself in my entire life. If you are ready to get out of you comfort zone and let the new way to experience spirituality enter your heart, this will give you the experience, opening, awakening and enlightenment you are waiting for. Looking forward to working with Sarah again.


-Paco Y.

“My experience in Sarah’s Angelic Ascension Program is beyond words. I entered the program wanting to heal any remaining blocks preventing me from truly showing up in service to others and my life purpose. I achieved this goal and so much more! I healed and truly learned how to embody my connection with higher consciousness and bring that support and guidance into all aspects of my life and work. This is the best program I have ever done (and I have done many)! Sarah is a loving, compassionate, and wise guide and you will be amazed while working with her!”


-Sobia D.


Learn how to work with the Angels for deep inner healing and transformation.


Experience the magic of sacred study, divine ritual, and the transformation of your consciousness. Sarah’s courses allow you to hone your spiritual gifts to uplift all areas of your life.

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