Manifesting Abundance


This course is an 8-day ritual channeled directly from spirit. Every word was guided by source energy. Get ready for an immersion in high-frequency energy and spiritual consciousness designed to completely transform your personal flow of Abundance.


According to the Angels, our relationship with money and material supply is deeply linked to our emotional and spiritual alignment with God. Our origin in Source is the birth place of our perfect support, safety, supply, and wellbeing. To align our earthly experience of physical, monetary support with our original, immutable, God-given abundance, is to heal our relationship with Source, the world, and all of humanity. To return to sourceful alignment with divine abundance is to powerfully return to our divine heritage.


Dive in to experience lifelong transformation in your personal flow of abundance, understanding of the spiritual laws of the universe, and power to co-create with the forces of manifestation.

Who is this course for?

  •  You have experienced blocks or limitations in your finances.
  • Your hold high, ambitious financial goals and are ready to experience personal freedom from lack.
  • You are ready to be completely free of debt.
  • You have felt stuck and unfulfilled in your job, but stayed due to seeming financial limits.
  • You have experienced negative conditioning in your beliefs about money.
  •  You have experienced fear-based thoughts and feelings related to the world’s financial systems.
  •  You have felt disconnected from Source energy and want to return to your original god-given state of safety, comfort, and support.
  • You are ready to learn about the spiritual laws of the universe.
  • You are ready to become a master at manifesting abundance.
  • You believe in miracles.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to transform your self-concept to achieve the life you desire.
  •  The foundations of spiritual alchemy so you can become a master in manifestation.
  •  How to raise and anchor your vibration to the high energy of perfect, unconditional abundance.
  •  How to transcend and forgive lack consciousness.
  •  How to maintain a state of perfect abundance at all levels of being no matter what changes may ever occur.

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