A Glimpse of the Forest Fairies


The Autumn forest summons me as if a piece of my own spirit were waiting there for me. I wandered in the autumn woods last night as the last hint of rain wept from the trees. The smell of the forest was earthy, alive, and full of change. The first hint of red, yellow, and orange had begun to graze the maple leaves. The quickly setting sun cast shadows through the tall trunks. I took in a deep breath of gratitude. The quiet of the forest is medicine to my spirit. The forest is where I go to connect with the Angels and to listen to the murmurings of my own soul. 

As I wandered, I heard a familiar soft, round, bell-like sound sparkling through my spiritual senses. I hear this sound when there are fairies present. I stopped to sit on a fallen tree trunk. I relaxed my eyes and gazed out into the woods around me. Squirrels and birds fluttered about the forest. Large raindrops fell off the changing leaves. A subtle movement began to stir in the air, as little glimmering impressions of energy danced before me. It was as if someone were making tiny translucent footprints upon the atmosphere. 

“Hello there,” I thought, directing my intentions towards the little impressions. “We are HERE!” Said the little footprints. Their voices resounded together like a chorus of laughter. A beautiful feeling of celebration and play filled the forest. I felt the little spirits’ rush of excitement and pure adoration of life as they rushed about the changing woods. I smiled to myself, feeling so deeply at peace.

“Perhaps this was always here,” I thought, “Only I didn’t notice until now.” Laughter peeled out into the air like many little bells in response to my thought. And through the laughter, once again I heard: “We are HERE!”

And I realized, they are celebrating presence itself. They are here. The fairies are present in this moment here and now. They are alive, sentient, aware, and part of this indescribably beautiful moment in time. And because they are so very here, they see the magic and beauty of it. And all they can do in response is to celebrate—to soak in as much presence, joy, and abundance as possible. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived this way? 

Perhaps you might visit the fairies this month, and find your own inspiration. October brings us a thinning of the veil to the spirit world, after all. Ask spirit to send you a sign or a message. Be sure to spend plenty of time in quiet meditation and mental openness. You will receive your message exactly as spirit intends for you.