When Soul Mates Collide

Your soul mates are your life’s greatest teachers. And yes, we all have more than one. A soul mate can be a parent, sibling, child, friend, lover, or anyone else with whom you hold a strong spiritual agreement to help each other learn and grow.

Soul mates are not only those with whom you feel positively connected, but also the people who challenge you the most. They are often the souls who hold up a mirror to the parts of yourself you would rather not see. They push you to know yourself better and transform to match your innermost ideals, whether that process is comfortable or not.

Your soul mate relationships are where some of your most focused and meaningful spiritual growth occurs. And so, I tuned into the Angels for messages on this vital part of our life’s journey:

Channeled Angel Messages:

Love is the force that binds you together with all seven billion of your human brothers and sisters. Love is pure intelligence. When love draws two souls together, it is the divine creator’s sentience, embodying the perfect harmony of the universe, in action. Love is as infallible, natural, and in perfectly harmony as the forces that make the green grass grow, the seasons change, and the sun rise.

When love’s intelligence draws you towards another soul, it is enacting the perfect symmetry of the universe. Its chemistries inspire you to discover, create, and transform, and always with the same purpose: to guide you to make love’s existence fruitful and abundant— to multiply and expand the power and reach of love in every corner of your being, and upon the Earth.

And so, we invite you to approach each of your relationships with love. Even when pain, confusion, doubt, betrayal, or other imperfections arise, your highest purpose is to face them with love. Within each challenge that arises, simply continue to ask yourself: “How may I serve the expansion of love?”

We Angels are your loving champions and protectors. We are ever guiding you into greater, and greater, expressions of love, love, love. Call upon us and allow our guidance to help you weave love into every soul-mate encounter that life’s magnificent journey offers you.

My Reflections:

In working with the Angels over the years, they have taught me that choosing love creates a protective force. To choose love in a soul mate relationship is to choose health, wellbeing, and the protection of all that is good. In a functional soul mate relationship that is meant to last and provide partnership in your life, your soul mate will be aligned with you in choosing love.

And even in relationships in which your soul mate does not choose love, you still have the power to achieve new footholds for love in your life as a direct result. Even when you must walk away from another person’s life in order to champion real love, you’re taking a stand for the sacred, healthy values by which you wish to live. That not only gives you the opportunity to teach others by example, but also anchors the power of love in your life with greater strength than ever before.

Real love is worth working for, changing for, and healing for, and all of your soul mates are contributing to your awakening to accomplish just that. 

Love and Non-Attachment

Over the years of my spiritual journey with the Angels, they have repeatedly guided me into the practice of non-attachment. According to the Angels, non-attachment is one of our most empowering tools in raising consciousness towards their level of union with the divine.

Each time I have found myself facing a challenge, I have felt the Angels gentle, guiding hands upon my shoulders, reminding me to let go, breathe deeply, and allow the presence of God to flow freely in my heart. Though life’s challenges are not easy for any of us, non-attachment allows us the means to see clearly, and navigate through them with peace.

Through the Angels’ guidance, I have learned that non-attachment is a means of liberation from the ego’s limiting influence. It is a practice that sets us free from suffering, and lifts us into greater awareness of love’s constantly shining truth.

But what about Love? From our human perspective, is it not true that love is synonymous with attachment? “To Love is to let go,” the Angels whispered as I pondered the thought.

Channeled Angel Messages:

“It can only be the ego that seeks to possess. But the spirit? The spirit can only love. It is fear that leads the ego to grasp, hold, and keep. For this level of consciousness is not yet aware of the truth that it is not possible to either possess or lose anything. The truth that the highest self holds in firm and steady awareness is that all is one with you. It is in letting go that you surrender into deep harmonious union with the beloved.

We would guide you to look upon the sign-posts of ego—desires, worries, and fears—with kindness and compassion. For it is your love that will soften the hold of attachment, and generate the spaciousness of peaceful allowing in your consciousness.

When the ego “loves” with attachment, both divine love and fear-based attachment are present. Become aware of the attachment. With compassionate courage, allow yourself to see the fear beneath it. Look kindly and gently upon this fear, and then watch as its forms melt unto vanishing.

Beneath attachment, like a deep underground table of pure water, divine love is always present within you. It flows steady, true, and infinitely patient for your arrival. Draw down deep into its life-giving sweetness. Here we shall meet you, beloved humble warriors, and celebrate in joyful gratitude for your return.”

“The Spirit Loves,” I repeated to myself. “And to Love is to let go.”

I believe that Love lets go and allows all things to flow and to be without possession because Love sees all with trust. To trust is to surrender completely. It is to give yourself to the divine just as completely as it forever gives itself to you. Such a sweet, whole, and complete surrender can only create a merging the likes of which must make miracles. This is the kind of trust I wish upon the world. Would you pray for that trust and Love with me?

A Dark Night of the Soul

With no other Light than the one that burns in your Heart…

There are rare occurrences throughout the human story that unite our focus and spiritual growth so powerfully as a challenge like this one.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented the global human family with what we might call a “dark night of the soul”. A dark night of the soul is a dissolution of illusions. It is a time in which we are challenged to clear our attachments to that which is not in alignment with our divine truth so that we may unite in a higher calling.

Healing, unification, compassion, and love for all: these are now and always our highest calling. And in this time of pandemic, the intelligent forces of our soul-based unity are challenging us to uplift these values among our priorities; breaking down the things in our lives that do not support them.

No matter what is going in your life, you have the power to answer that call. The simple act of holding faith through these changes dissolves the sway of fear and uncertainty. Your hope lends strength to those who are pouring their energy into healing this virus. Your love is lighting the way into a better and more compassionate tomorrow.

When a dark night of the human soul descends upon our world, miracles occur. For in such times, there often remains “no other light than the one that burns in your heart”. According to the Angels, the light in your heart is God itself—the light of the ultimate truth—the force through which all things are created.

Go within and breathe your focus into your inner light. What does it illuminate for you? What creative energy might it pour into this world? You are an instrument of healing light and truth now and always, beloved friend. The divine enfolds and beckons you in literally every moment of your existence.

In these times of powerful change, I have found light in the poetry of Saint Juan de la Cruz. I invite you to absorb and contemplate these beautiful, comforting words. And perhaps, in this time in which there may be “no other light than the one that burns in your heart”, you too will be reunited with “sheer grace”—with the presence of the divine “beloved”. Allow, if you will, this poem become your prayer; your reminder that literally all paths lead back to divine love:


One dark night,

fired with love’s urgent longings

— ah, the sheer grace! —

I went out unseen,

my house being now all stilled.

In darkness, and secure,

by the secret ladder, disguised,

— ah, the sheer grace! —

in darkness and concealment,

my house being now all stilled.

On that glad night,

in secret, for no one saw me,

nor did I look at anything,

with no other light or guide

than the one that burned in my heart.

This guided me

more surely than the light of noon

to where he was awaiting me

— him I knew so well —

there in a place where no one appeared.

O guiding night!

O night more lovely than the dawn!

O night that has united

the Lover with his beloved,

transforming the beloved in her Lover.

Upon my flowering breast

which I kept wholly for him alone,

there he lay sleeping,

and I caressing him

there in a breeze from the fanning cedars.

When the breeze blew from the turret,

as I parted his hair,

it wounded my neck

with its gentle hand,

suspending all my senses.

I abandoned and forgot myself,

laying my face on my Beloved;

all things ceased; I went out from myself,

leaving my cares

forgotten among the lilies.


– Juan de la Cruz, 1577

What Does it Mean to be Unlimited? 

What does it mean to be unlimited? We are individualized, fractal replicas of the Divine Source. As such, we have access to the same divine forces that gave birth to the universe. Each and every human soul thus holds infinite potential to create, experience, and expand. In other words, you can create and experience just about anything you can dream up.

But how do we do this? Why is it that so many people only seem to experience fleeting glimpses of our divine nature? In meditative prayer, I asked the Angels just that. This is the answer I received from them:

Channeled Messages from the Angels:

“You human beings tend to fear the truth of your unlimited nature. To hold, perceive, and wield your true divine power would mean the death of your ego. It would mean the dissolution of all attachments you hold to all the illusions your ego has placed around you in order to make a vast, infinite potential feel like a small world.

To cross the threshold from the small, illusory, temporary reality-construct of the ego, into your unlimited, divine nature would mean drastic change for many of you. The divine light of source, ever constant and unconditional in its miraculous illumination, might feel akin to burning flames—consuming, purifying, and transforming all aspects of you that are not real until there is no part of you remaining but your true, unlimited nature.

This change is what the ego fears.

To cross the threshold into your unlimited nature is also the dawning of responsibility. When you realize the depth and ALL-encompassing power of your unlimited nature, you also perceive that you are responsible for creating every single thing you experience without exception.

This too is what the ego fears.

To embody your unlimited nature, however, would not for one second be something to fear, in truth! There is nothing true within you that you can possibly lose. All of the ego’s illusions that would be destroyed in your full embrace of divine light will be destroyed eventually anyways. You cannot hold them forever, nor would you want to if you understood them as the prolongers of suffering that they truly are.

This is why we teach you to practice non-attachment to the illusions the ego would have you hold. This is why we guide you to give up guilt, self-judgment, and unworthiness. The greatest illusion the ego ever created was a self-concept in which you are somehow limited, small, or incapable.

Are you ready to perceive yourself as God made you? Are you ready to experience your true, unlimited, divine nature?

You have but to sacrifice your illusions to the holy flames of the divine in order to embody the unlimited. With courageous faith in the all-providing nature of the divine forces that you know as LOVE, embrace full responsibility for your constant, all-embracing power. Forgive the temporal illusions of the past, and give of your whole self to the divine without exception.

There is always a choice whether to live from your unlimited nature, or the limits of the ego. Which would you choose? If you want to be unlimited, pray thusly:

“I surrender all that I am to the divine. I fully forgive and release attachments to all of the illusions of the past, and embrace the dissolution of all that is not me in truth. I hold full awareness and responsibility for my unlimited power. I am one with the divine source irrevocably, now and always. And so it is.”

After channeling the Angels words, I felt them communicate that it would be important to practice the prayer they gave us regularly. I invite you to try this, then see what kind of changes begin to take place both in your inner and outer world.

The Angels want us to understand that though it would invoke great change, in truth, it is truly safe and good for us embrace our unlimited nature. Practice embracing it with me today, and let’s grow our on journey into the heart of Divine Truth together, my dear friends.

The Triumph of Light

Channeled Messages from the Angels

I was recently contemplating the suffering of the world. It can be so easy for us to look at how commonplace hardship seems to be within the collective, and to feel sorrowful, worried, or overwhelmed. In moments like this, I am always guided to turn my focus to the Angels.

“I pray to see the world not as I would see it, but as the Divine would have me see it.” 

These are the words I pray when I am seeking to anchor my perspective in Divine Truth and Light. I pray to clear my perspective of judgment—of attaching my ego’s perspective to the suffering I see.

If you are reading these words, then you are a soul who has elected to be a bearer of divine light in this world. You have the power to protect the presence of peace in our collective through the perspective you choose to hold. When you respond to suffering with a focus upon light, healing, love, hope, and wellbeing, you are helping the presence of God expand. You are acting as a vessel for the light and allowing its miraculous, healing touch to have access to this world.

I asked the Angels to chime in:

“Light has already triumphed over all suffering. Unity has already made that which seems separate whole. There is a reality in which peace and perfect wellness reign supreme. You have but to look through the illusion of temporal suffering to see the light of the eternal divine shining through all that exists infinitely. 

Holding space for awareness of the divine can dissolve suffering at its source. Fear is the source of all suffering. To suffer and yet to bravely dissolve the fear from which the suffering sprang is to work a healing miracle. And so we Angels invite you to detach from fear. Without attachment, fear dissolves instantly and consciousness is reclaimed for the light of Divine Truth and Love. 

Your task is simple: Do not fear. Reach instead for the light, and the higher intelligence of the divine will work its magic through you, instilling you with wisdom, truth, and infinite healing, abundance, and love. Through you the triumph of light, which already rests in eternity for you to claim, will manifest in this world.” 

There is always something for which to be grateful. There is always a blessing and an opportunity in each challenge. In response to suffering, embody comfort, love, forgiveness, compassion and healing wherever it is possible. Keep the flame of hope and peace alive in your heart, blessed friend, and know that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose in a greater way than you can imagine.