Purification and New Light

Imbolc Blessings with St. Brigid and the Angels


As I write to you I am gazing out my window at a blanket of brilliantly glittering snow shining in the sunlight. The temperature outside is so cold that nearly everything I can see is frozen. All except for the flickering tails of the little grey squirrels who chase each other through the pine trees. They spiral up the tree trunks as quick as lightening and disappear. A little black and white chickadee perches on the branch just beside my window and looks about curiously.

And suddenly I am in a state of wonder. How miraculously awesome is God that a world so bitterly frozen might yet be so beautiful, and home to such delicate, resilient little creatures? The Winter is truly an inspiring time to witness the miracle of creation. It is as if the world is taking a giant, glacial ice bath, and our spirits are bathing with it. To meditate and open one’s senses to the frozen world is to open oneself to deep stillness of spirit.

Today is Imbolc, the Celtic celebration of the Mid-Winter—the day halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Imbolc is a time for purification, hope, and new life. Traditionally, the Celtic pagans celebrated the Goddess, Brigid (later known as St. Brigid when the Catholic Church adopted her story into its narrative). Brigid was the goddess of the hearth and the sacred, holy fires of life. Early Pagan priestesses devoted to Brigid spent their days tending to the sacred fires that were always lit in Brigid’s honor. These fires represented the life-giving powers of nature as if a little ray of the Sun might be captured in one’s own hearth to light the way through the cold of winter. Fire is both creative in its ability to shed warmth and light, and destructive in its ability to burn away the old, dead and dry things.

We all have such a holy fire within us. The presence of Source is a flame of life-giving, inspiring, and purifying warmth in the hearts of all beings. The purity of Source energy returns all of the old, finished cycles of our lives back into the pure light from which they came. In their places, the light gives us new hopes, inspirations, and seeds to plant.

As Imbolc brings the dawn of a new cycle in nature, ask your spirit what it is ready to give up to the purifying holy fires? What old energies, thought-patterns, activities, or objects are you ready to release? Take steps to cleanse your life today. Call upon Brigid to help you purify your heart and life, and the Angels to guide you in every step it takes to do so.


According to the Angels…

The winter is a time in which life is sleeping deep in the Earth. The stillness we can experience at this time of year is aided on by the quietly sleeping rhythms of nature. We are now just beginning to feel the first tingles of life stirring from beneath the ground as the sun returns, like the fluttering of awareness from deep within a dream. Just as we rise in the morning, clean and new in our consciousness after having bathed in spirit during our sleep, we will rise in the Spring, renewed and in touch with all the potential the world is ready to give.

Co-create with these cycles, beloved. Affirm your intentions in your heart, and set your dreams ablaze in the spirit-plane. Heaven and Earth will align with your intentions to help you build and grow according to your soul’s highest purpose. Purification is a crucial force in this dance of co-creation. Let purity weave your February days with light, peace, and self-discovery.

The Source of Joy

Channeled Messages from Archangel Chamuel

I sat in quiet, watching the morning light slowly crawl over the frost covered trees. “Breathe deeply,” I heard a warm, loving voice speak. “And match the rhythm of creation.” I began to breathe slow, long, and deep breaths, gradually feeling my body fill with the light-filled energy of the Angels. My heart began to lift as I noticed the presence of an Angel standing over my shoulder. His energy shone in soft golden-yellow, pink, and white tones. Archangel Chamuel was there, beaming with all of heaven’s love and grace.

As Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love, and wise on all matters of the heart, he specializes in teaching human beings about how to cultivate lasting, true happiness. Because Chamuel always sees from the perspective of Love, he embodies the sight of God, wherein he sees and understands all things. Chamuel showed me an image of placing a gift in my hands. I gazed into my hands with my mind’s eye to see a beautiful blooming lotus flower. I breathed in its energy, instantly feeling a heavenly breeze of joyful inspiration flood my senses.


Chamuel’s Words: 

“The joy of Heaven blooms from the simplest of treasures,” spoke Chamuel. “All human beings have the opportunity to bloom in Heaven’s garden of joyous delight within every single moment of life. The key to doing so lies in the quiet simplicity of your miraculous everyday experiences. When you awake in the morning, place your feet upon the Earth, breathe the essences of life, and give thanks for the marvelous dance of creation unfolding through and around you. When you take your day’s first sip of the life-giving waters of Earth, grow still and truly allow yourself to taste the holy power of creation that is merging with you when you drink. When you gaze into the eyes of the one you love, grow present and aware, and see the eyes of God gazing back at you. Heaven is on Earth, pouring out of the hearts of every living creature at every moment. You have but to grow still, listen, taste, smell, hear, and notice to know it. Joy lies not over the next mountain or horizon, but here in the stillness and quiet of the miraculous present moment—in the full realization of the glorious, unfolding life of every breath.” 

I placed my hands over my heart, visualizing the light-filled flower pressing into my chest. “Thank you,” I thought towards Chamuel. “Please help me to remember and treasure this truth now and always. So may it be for me, and so may it be for everyone upon the Earth.”

Treasures in the Dream World

A Deep Dive into the Subconscious Spirit Realm


Every night while we sleep, we visit the dream world. Through our dreams, we dive deep into the subconscious. There we find a place where every human being from every place and time on Earth gathers. Here we may tap into all of human knowledge, myth, mystery, ritual, memory, story, song, and symbol that has ever been conceived.

It is here in the dream world where our souls learn, grow, heal, and process our shared waking experiences. Our dream world provides essential support to the growth of human consciousness. If you hold your dreams with reverence and really seek to listen to them, they will begin to lead you. They will lead you down a powerful path of deep, spiritual discovery. For in dreams, all symbols have meaning and point to universal truths within you.


I am dreaming:

For many nights throughout this Autumn, I have found myself wandering through the wilderness in the dream world. As I dream, I find myself walking down a path towards a wild place. I can smell it in the air and feel it as the trees and mountains seem to grow big enough to swallow me up. A shiver of excitement runs through me as I gaze out upon powerful rushing rivers, immense hills, and waving meadows. The world suddenly becomes so vast, mystical and full of wonder.

Twice now in this dream, I have met a herd of wise, ancient Elk. They stand tall and proud before me as we lock eyes. We do not speak, but understanding seems to flow between us. The Mother and Father Elk protect their babies and keep the ancient ways of the forest.

Upon seeing these wise beasts, my soul instantly fills with wild excitement. It is as if I were gazing at a treasure beyond value—a magic that might transform my life. The trees suddenly become greener, the sky a brighter shade of blue. Every particle of life in the forest seems to dance and whisper.

And then there are three Bears. They are hungry, but I am not afraid. “I will show them my strength,” I think to myself. And so I run. I run fast, my bare feet beating the Earth like a drum. The Bears follow me to a deep crystal blue lake. Suddenly we are diving down into deep, deliciously cold water. At first, the Bears behave as if they are fishing, and I am their prized catch. And so I dive down so deep that the light on the surface of the water is a fading memory. All is pure, quiet, and calm.

When I surface again the Bears are far away, diving and swimming playfully. They have forgotten their hunt and the water has become a curious wonder to them. I smile and send them a distant kiss. “The water is where I will live,” I decide.


The Angels’ messages:

I asked the Angels what the beautiful dream was telling me. “When you are dreaming we are near,” they replied. “The dream world is a spiritual dimension in which human beings both alive and passed on in spirit, as well as Angels, and all manner of spiritual beings may visit to learn and grow. Often what you see in your dreams is a three-dimensional interpretation of a trans-dimensional experience. The symbols you see will tell you what your soul has been doing in that world. These symbols make up a unique language for each soul. The greatest tool you can use to distinguish their meaning is how each symbol makes you feel. The bears were the challenges of human life. You rose to their challenge in an effort to pacify them without fear by diving deep into the waters of consciousness. Through this dream and many dreams, for you and for all souls, we are teaching you, and bringing you spiritual gifts. Here, you are ascending in your ability to heal.”

The Angels went on to remind me of many instances in my dreams, over many years, in which I am learning, practicing, or studying something. This theme of practice and study has been a common theme for me, and for many lightworkers I have known throughout my life. Sometimes in these dreams, I am teaching others in a classroom scenario. Sometimes I am learning. “These are not imaginings, but real training courses we help deliver to you in your sleep. You and each lightworker called to birth a higher form of Love in this consciousness are in attendance.” Spoke the Angels.

Have you been having powerful dreams, my friends? Do you ever dream of meeting with like-minded souls to learn, train, and grow stronger? Call on Archangels Gabriel, Jeremiel, Zadkiel, and Haniel to help you with dream interpretation and memory. There are riches and treasures to behold, and great achievements to be made in the dream realm. Perhaps we will meet together there. Sweet dreams, dearest one!

A Glimpse of the Forest Fairies


The Autumn forest summons me as if a piece of my own spirit were waiting there for me. I wandered in the autumn woods last night as the last hint of rain wept from the trees. The smell of the forest was earthy, alive, and full of change. The first hint of red, yellow, and orange had begun to graze the maple leaves. The quickly setting sun cast shadows through the tall trunks. I took in a deep breath of gratitude. The quiet of the forest is medicine to my spirit. The forest is where I go to connect with the Angels and to listen to the murmurings of my own soul. 

As I wandered, I heard a familiar soft, round, bell-like sound sparkling through my spiritual senses. I hear this sound when there are fairies present. I stopped to sit on a fallen tree trunk. I relaxed my eyes and gazed out into the woods around me. Squirrels and birds fluttered about the forest. Large raindrops fell off the changing leaves. A subtle movement began to stir in the air, as little glimmering impressions of energy danced before me. It was as if someone were making tiny translucent footprints upon the atmosphere. 

“Hello there,” I thought, directing my intentions towards the little impressions. “We are HERE!” Said the little footprints. Their voices resounded together like a chorus of laughter. A beautiful feeling of celebration and play filled the forest. I felt the little spirits’ rush of excitement and pure adoration of life as they rushed about the changing woods. I smiled to myself, feeling so deeply at peace.

“Perhaps this was always here,” I thought, “Only I didn’t notice until now.” Laughter peeled out into the air like many little bells in response to my thought. And through the laughter, once again I heard: “We are HERE!”

And I realized, they are celebrating presence itself. They are here. The fairies are present in this moment here and now. They are alive, sentient, aware, and part of this indescribably beautiful moment in time. And because they are so very here, they see the magic and beauty of it. And all they can do in response is to celebrate—to soak in as much presence, joy, and abundance as possible. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived this way? 

Perhaps you might visit the fairies this month, and find your own inspiration. October brings us a thinning of the veil to the spirit world, after all. Ask spirit to send you a sign or a message. Be sure to spend plenty of time in quiet meditation and mental openness. You will receive your message exactly as spirit intends for you. 

Banishing Resistance

You know that feeling you get when you try to do something productive or good for yourself, and you just can’t seem to get yourself to do it? As if there is some invisible force of inner resistance that is purposely trying to sabotage your taking positive action steps? We have all been there. That inner resistance seems to show up exactly when you’re trying to do the most good too, doesn’t it? Like when you’re trying to start a healthy new diet, implement a new exercise regimen, start that new creative project, or stick to your meditation routine. Where does that resistance come from?

The other day I was trying to sit down to write my ideas for a new creative project, and there it was! The inner resistance. No matter how many times I have battled it and triumphed, it still seems to find a way sneak back in. So instead of worrying about it or trying to force my way through it, I decided to take a deep breath and observe.

As I quietly watched the feeling of resistance begin to dissipate, I noticed a familiar presence hovering over my shoulders. It was Archangel Gabriel! I felt wrapped up in a light-filled embrace—perfectly supported and guided. So I asked him, “What are the best ways to banish this resistance to taking positive action steps?”

Channeled Messages from Archangel Gabriel:

“Blessed one, it is you who hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven in your hands. It is you who hold the power to envelop the world in light and good. Within every human being lies all the power of the universe. The force that seems to resist it is but an illusion. That illusion is the waking dream of separateness from Source and others. And though it is an illusion that has been habitually practiced by many over a long period of time, it is no less an illusion. That illusion makes it seem as if putting your energy towards something new and positive will be difficult and cause you to “lose” a part of yourself, or your comfort zone in the doing.

The truth is in fact opposite. Through the actions of positive change, you will transform in such a way that you are in fact finding yourself, and expanding your “comfort zone” to be unlimited!

Seeing through the illusion of ego will cause you to re-root in your oneness with All That Is, and discover your motivation, inspiration, and empowerment anew.

Here are the golden rules for accomplishing this:

1. Hold no guilt, blame, or self-judgment. Judging yourself, feeling guilty for procrastinating, or blaming yourself for making a seeming “mistake” is the food of the ego and will only make the illusion of resistance to positive change seem more solid.

2. Speak the Divine Truth. When you speak, think, and act from the Divine Truth that you are an unlimited being with infinite creativity, strength, energy, and power, so shall you be.

3. Ask Heaven for Help. We Angels are closer than a whisper away! We are ready and waiting for you to invite our aid into your hearts. Call upon the Angels to help you clear the energy of resistance, and miracles will occur.

It is important for us to remember that the feeling of resistance to making a positive change is only the ego—an invisible fear of growth and change that is founded in nothing. Gabriel wants all of us to remember that we have the power to see through resistance in an instant. Decide, believe, think, speak, and act as if you are infinitely powerful, and so it shall be! If you experience a bump on the road, don’t sweat it! Just pick yourself up again without a shred of guilt or self-judgment and try again. You are God’s infinitely powerful, beautiful, creative, and capable child. Remember who you are, stand in the light of heaven, and take the next little step, dear courageous one.