Balancing Empathic Sensitivity

Let’s face it. 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for a lot of us. The world has seen so many big changes come through in a very short amount of time. For many spiritually-sensitive, empathic light-workers, this has been intense. Empaths are closely dialed into the energy of the world. We are sensitive to emotions, spiritual energy, and the overall state of the world around us. This sensitivity, however, is a gift, not a curse!

According to the Angels, empathic consciousness is the exact medicine the world needs most. Empathy is the driving force of the evolution of our spiritual consciousness towards more fully realized unity. I have been guided by the Angels to help and support Empaths and Sensitives now more than ever. So, I decided to tune into the Angels for a message on how we can support and balance our empathic sensitivity. Here is the message I received:

Channeled Angel messages:

Breathe deeply and feel the rhythm of your heart and soul. Become the pure consciousness that you are in truth. Do you feel the magnificent spectrum of awareness that glitters through your being, beloved one? Your full-spectrum awareness is a divine gift.

We see and understand the sensitive souls who live in tension and heaviness at absorbing the painful feelings of the world. Allow us to dissolve this heaviness and free you from tension. Allow us to show you the depth of our love for you.

Breathe and feel the lightness of we Angels upon your spirit as we cleanse and uplift your sensitive awareness. Feel us dance and sing across your being as we relieve you of the fearful illusions of the world. We are with you always, offering to illuminate and empower your sensitivity with health, sweetness, and joyful wellbeing.

And so we offer you these guidelines to strengthen you: Illuminate your being with harmonious support at the levels of body, mind, and soul.

Care for Your Body:

Your physical sensory awareness, if not well cared for, can block the higher spiritual aspects of your consciousness from coming into full view. When the body is not supported with healthful harmony, its cries of need will speak loudest in your awareness, making all other sensory input a challenge to process.

But when you take care of your physical needs, and support your body as the miraculous being it is, you part the clouds and cleanse the window panes of consciousness to allow the light of the spirit to shine through as clear as can be.

Care for your Mind:

Your mind is a magnificent, finely tuned instrument of creation and divinity. Do not underestimate its power. That which you place within your mind becomes highly creative, sifting out into the world to give birth to your dreams.

Feed, nurture, and fully explore your mind. You have the power to explore and create with it so much more than you know! Hone and discipline your focus. Choose to hold mentality that honors and creates in the way of love.

Care for your Soul:

Your soul is a divine miracle that longs to sing through all that you are. This is the part of you that is forever one with us; harmoniously aligned with the divinity of all creation. It knows and embodies the Divine Truth.

Give your precious soul—the truth of who you are—the chance to dance and sing. Give your attention and trust to your soul, and allow it to create miracles unending throughout all that you witness in life. This is your birth-right. This is the gift that has been given to you—that which can never be un-given.

We Angels are here to remind you that your heart always beats in the rhythm of the creator’s Divine Love. Though hardship may be present in the Earthly realm, you are never separate from the Truth. You are always one with the ultimate reality of infinite love, wellbeing, peace, wholeness, and grace that reigns infinitely.

Some Final Thoughts…

The Angels have so much to teach us about tapping into the full spectrum of our miraculous, spiritual consciousness. Empaths, Sensitives, and Light-Workers, you have been graced with a natural awareness of that full-spectrum beauty. And the Angels want you to know that you have the power to awaken it further.

That miraculous potential inside of you is exactly the reason I have been called by the Angels to guide empowerment for spiritually-sensitive human beings. And again, the Angels have so much to share with us on that journey of cultivating empowered, full-spectrum spiritual awareness.