Banishing Resistance

You know that feeling you get when you try to do something productive or good for yourself, and you just can’t seem to get yourself to do it? As if there is some invisible force of inner resistance that is purposely trying to sabotage your taking positive action steps? We have all been there. That inner resistance seems to show up exactly when you’re trying to do the most good too, doesn’t it? Like when you’re trying to start a healthy new diet, implement a new exercise regimen, start that new creative project, or stick to your meditation routine. Where does that resistance come from?

The other day I was trying to sit down to write my ideas for a new creative project, and there it was! The inner resistance. No matter how many times I have battled it and triumphed, it still seems to find a way sneak back in. So instead of worrying about it or trying to force my way through it, I decided to take a deep breath and observe.

As I quietly watched the feeling of resistance begin to dissipate, I noticed a familiar presence hovering over my shoulders. It was Archangel Gabriel! I felt wrapped up in a light-filled embrace—perfectly supported and guided. So I asked him, “What are the best ways to banish this resistance to taking positive action steps?”

Channeled Messages from Archangel Gabriel:

“Blessed one, it is you who hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven in your hands. It is you who hold the power to envelop the world in light and good. Within every human being lies all the power of the universe. The force that seems to resist it is but an illusion. That illusion is the waking dream of separateness from Source and others. And though it is an illusion that has been habitually practiced by many over a long period of time, it is no less an illusion. That illusion makes it seem as if putting your energy towards something new and positive will be difficult and cause you to “lose” a part of yourself, or your comfort zone in the doing.

The truth is in fact opposite. Through the actions of positive change, you will transform in such a way that you are in fact finding yourself, and expanding your “comfort zone” to be unlimited!

Seeing through the illusion of ego will cause you to re-root in your oneness with All That Is, and discover your motivation, inspiration, and empowerment anew.

Here are the golden rules for accomplishing this:

1. Hold no guilt, blame, or self-judgment. Judging yourself, feeling guilty for procrastinating, or blaming yourself for making a seeming “mistake” is the food of the ego and will only make the illusion of resistance to positive change seem more solid.

2. Speak the Divine Truth. When you speak, think, and act from the Divine Truth that you are an unlimited being with infinite creativity, strength, energy, and power, so shall you be.

3. Ask Heaven for Help. We Angels are closer than a whisper away! We are ready and waiting for you to invite our aid into your hearts. Call upon the Angels to help you clear the energy of resistance, and miracles will occur.

It is important for us to remember that the feeling of resistance to making a positive change is only the ego—an invisible fear of growth and change that is founded in nothing. Gabriel wants all of us to remember that we have the power to see through resistance in an instant. Decide, believe, think, speak, and act as if you are infinitely powerful, and so it shall be! If you experience a bump on the road, don’t sweat it! Just pick yourself up again without a shred of guilt or self-judgment and try again. You are God’s infinitely powerful, beautiful, creative, and capable child. Remember who you are, stand in the light of heaven, and take the next little step, dear courageous one.