Being Love

From the Angels, I have often received the message that the highest purpose of life is to embody love. Today, I felt guided to tune into the Angels for their perspective on this. This was the message they gave:

To know that you are love is to know the essence within you that can never be destroyed. That essence is simply love and light. It is the divine presence of the source—the original force of pure love that flows through all. 

To know that you are love is to be unlimited and perfectly free. This knowledge protects and frees you from all illusions of fear, separation, or discord. 

For to embody your original, infinite, and true self is to stand in the only constant and permanent reality there is. All seeming forms of fear or separation dissipate, for their nature is changing, finite, and illusory. 

The essence within you that does not change, but provides infinite power, truth, and fulfillment is the real you. And only the real you can show you the world of harmony, unity, and peace that is your destiny to experience. 

You have the power and choice never to become lost in fear, anger, hatred, separation, greed, or desire. Though you may witness or feel such emotions fleetingly, even in the most challenging of such moments, you have the power to remember that you are love. 

To remember that you are love is to open the gates to healing miracles. 

Remember that you are love, and you channel the truth of eternal light, perfection, and wholeness into this world. Remember that you are love, and you awaken from the dream of separation, fears, and seeming problems. Remember that you are love, and the truth of eternal wholeness and wellbeing transforms all that you see and experience in its image. Remember that you are love, and you help the whole world to awaken in paradise on Earth with you.

I feel so passionately called to remember that I am love each day. Seeing others remember this is the greatest thrill and beauty I have ever known. This is the reason I have devoted my life’s work to teaching people to transform and heal with the Angels. I thank you for receiving these messages and honor this path of awakening that we are on together.