Breakdown or Breakthrough?

There comes a time in life when profound changes are necessary. And often, in order for us to achieve those changes, a breakdown of old, worn-out ways is necessary.

There is a force within each of us that carries eternal and perfect wisdom regarding what is healthy, and how to live in a state of true harmony. It is that very force that activates breakdowns. The intelligence of health, wholeness, and wellbeing is forever seeking to protect and uplift us, and sometimes that means dissolving that which isn’t serving us.

Breakdowns are bids for health at every level of being. They are a push into the growth that is necessary for us to break through self-defeating cycles and claim our true divine nature of wholeness and peace. Every breakdown is the potential precursor to an empowering breakthrough.

And according to the Angels, this all comes down to our collective spiritual purpose to embody the consciousness of Love.

Channeled Angel Messages:

There is a divine agreement that exists in ever soul: to bring forth a universe that is truly of Light and Love. All have agreed to participate, and do so either by embody the consciousness of Love, or by repressing the consciousness of Love with fear, and in this way, revealing the choice between Love and fear to others. 

That agreement burns bright and passionate like a star within your souls, dearest ones. The awareness of it is never far from you. It is this very awareness that rises up to protect you when your perceptions and routines seem only to show you an un-nurturing and meaninglessness world.

It is in these moments that soul rises up to dissolve such illusions. God did not create a meaningless world. God did not create an un-nurturing existence. A truth given by God can never be un-given. And the soul can never be separate from this knowledge.

It is thus the divine intelligence of the soul that breaks down all seeming barriers to truth. Trust the changes that result. When your life’s seems to be falling apart, rest in safety and peace. Allow the miracle of transformation.

For in these moments, we Angels are nearest. We are whispering words of comfort, and reminding you that all is well and safe. Call upon our help and guidance, and together we shall make your life into an instrument for perfect Love.

Affirm with us: “I am light. I am Love. And I can do this.”