Healing the Inner Child


All of us have an inner aspect of ourselves that feels like a little child. The inner child is the part of you that holds the keys to your vulnerability, emotional truth, innocence, and a pure connection to love and joy. Throughout life, many of us lose contact with the inner child as a result of stress, trauma, or emotional imbalances. Healing the inner child liberates you to experience your highest capacity for joy, emotional self-understanding, healthy relationships, and connection to God. 


This course is a journey in re-mapping your mental, emotional, and spiritual associations with your inner child and childhood memories so that you may experience greater peace and happiness.  This course was guided entirely by the Angels to be as gentle and yet effective as possible in discovering and healing your emotional foundation.


Who is this course for?

  • Those who experienced childhood trauma and wish to heal.
  • Those who have had challenging relationships with family, especially parent-relationships. 
  • Those who wish to “re-parent” their inner child as a result of fear-based childhood conditioning.
  • Those in search of gentle, easy healing for the inner child.
  • Those who wish to release emotional blocks.
  • Those who feel called to understand their emotional foundation.
  • Those who wish to get back in touch with their childhood joy, wonder, innocence, and connectedness to spirit. 
  • Those seeking to experience unconditional self-love.
  • Those who wish to deepen their relationship with the Angelic Realm. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Who and what your inner child is.
  • How to get in touch with your inner child and learn her or his emotional truth.
  • How to heal the inner child from negative relationships and experiences.
  • How to restore your ability to trust and experience unconditional love.
  • How to commune with the divine to receive emotional and spiritual healing.
  • How to receive an Angelic energy attunement.
  • The power of forgiveness.
  • How to use the prayer to shift your consciousness and receive healing. 

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