Cycles of Healing

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In my work as a healer I am often asked questions such as: “Does healing ever end?”, “How will I know when I am fully healed?”, or “Why did I choose a human life where there is so much healing to be done?” According to the Angels, our healing does have an end in which it is possible for us to experience a truly healed state. If you have the awareness within you to conceive of a healing goal, then by spiritual law that goal is an attainable possibility for you. Healing serves a higher spiritual purpose, and at a soul level, we choose to live a human lifetime, challenges and all, because of the personal and collective expansion the healing journey offers.

To enter a human life is to enter into a collective consciousness that is undergoing a process of healing. Just by virtue of being here, we opt in to the adversity and struggle of the human experience just as much as we do the wonder, beauty, love and miraculousness of it all. To be human is to enter a cycle of personal healing woven into a greater collective healing that sprawls throughout the Earth. In other words, when there is war and strife in the collective, there is war and strife within some part of you. But when you offer love and forgiveness to these within your heart, you offer love and forgiveness to the whole world. Each of the personal challenges you work through contribute to the collective evolution of human capacity to awaken to empathy and realize that we are one being.

Many people, especially those who follow a spiritual path, have at one point or another felt that healing seems to be never-ending. Once you overcome, forgive or release one thing, another healing task seems to surface. “Do not despair.” Say the Angels. “For you need not experience healing as the weight of the world carried alone upon your shoulders.” According to the Angels, healing can be an experience filled with light, celebration, hope and joy. It is only uncomfortable to face our inner healing when we approach it from a mind that sees from the ego’s separation from divine love. To heal a past wound from a mindset that still believes in the fear, lack of safety or vulnerability from which the wound was inflicted is to approach healing with a potential for resistance, difficulty and discomfort. But to approach healing from the mind of God is to approach it with the knowledge that there is only safety, love, and perfection in divine truth. To approach healing in this way, no matter how great the hurt or dysfunction of the past may have been, is to empower the healing journey with a great capacity for ease, love, joy, wonder and peace.

The cycles of healing that churn throughout our lives therefore do not always have to be difficult. Healing can feel liberating and joyful when we do not resist it. To embrace and fully allow your healing is to join with the current of divine love that flows through the forces of life always. Allow your healing to be a journey in which you are moving closer and closer to a state of perfect, god-realized unity with source; a journey of liberating, uplifting celebration in the light of your awakening awareness. Like all journeys in this world that have a beginning, healing also has an end; a destination in which humanity liberates itself from limitation to enter the truth of our godhood.