Divine Creativity

All human beings are naturally creative. Our natural drive to create is, in essence, our drive to be closer to the divine—to reach a higher understanding and awareness of God. Creativity expresses itself through you all your life, whether you know it or not. It shapes the simplest things from your speech and your movement to the greater things in life such as your greater choices and deepest desires. Creativity is in every whim and desire you have to express yourself. We are all naturally and divinely creative.


To express and create is to unleash the words, actions, and feelings of your living and ever-evolving soul. The Angels remind us that we are individualized pieces of God, here to expand and evolve the collective mind of the universe towards a greater Heaven on Earth. You as an individual are expressing a unique, and truly sacred piece of the divine that only can shape. Our very lives are a work of art—a love letter to existence itself—and we are the creators and curators.


You have the ability to create any kind of reality for your life that you desire. What will you choose to create? The Angels want us to know that as the artist of your life, you have the ability to make any choice and you can choose differently at any moment! If you don’t like the painting you seem to have in front of you now, you have the option to pick up a different canvas and begin again. There are no blocks to your skill, artistry and divine creativity but the ones you believe in.


According to the Angels, we can truly only block the flow of our creativity and divinity through self-criticism and self-rejection. “Love yourselves,” the Angels tell us. “True self-love provides the freedom and self-confidence you need to create anything you wish at the level of expertise you desire and envision.”


So if you are feeling creatively blocked in any area of your life, ask yourself where and how you might love and approve of yourself better. Do so and you will free your perspective to a higher grasping of the truth. Love and accept yourself and your inspiration will flow naturally, like a fountain of pure life-energy flowing through you straight from divine source.


To create is to expand consciousness. To create is to delve deeper into the realm of the soul and there to discover yourself, and thereby to discover the divine. To create is to live as God, our source, intends us to live. To create is therefore a sure path to joy, meaning and truth. God bless you on your creative path.