Dream Big!

Greetings and a very happy Autumn to you! This month, the Angels have big messages for you on the changes you have been experiencing in life and how they will effect your giving birth to your life’s dreams. The following is a channeled message from the Angels. I have made very few edits to their words. Bear in mind that they often use very poetic phrasing that might require a second glance.

“Many of you have been experiencing great changes over the past several months (and for a few of you of advanced years, over the past several decades). These changes are arriving into a stage of culmination, much like a “reaping” of the higher work that has been done on this planet collectively over some time. Put your faith in these changes and allow them to unfold as naturally and gracefully as wind sweeping over earth. The wind has not a care of resistance to change. It simply moves: an unfettered force touching each and everything in its path indiscriminately.

These changes, no matter what form they take in your life, are divinely guided steps towards the fulfillment of your personal life’s purpose and towards the collective good of this planet. Your life is fueled by the wisdom of divine spirit no matter what state of awareness you possess of its inner-workings. You gave precedent to that holy force and allowed it to shape your life even before your agreement to awaken into this Earthly human form. You are God’s child and instrument more greatly and deeply than any of you have yet possessed knowledge of in human form.

This divinity that courses through all aspects of you and your world is now preparing you to take wing and soar to new heights. Where great change carries you comes the power of new perspective. New visions and dreams will take power in your mind. Trust in what you see. New alliances, friendships and companions shall form to answer the call of your collective purpose. Trust in what you desire, envision and hope for your future. For these new visions are the form that God’s voice takes in your mental atmosphere.

You have been prepared aptly for this time in your life. You have the strength to persevere through what may feel like the trials of great change. Recall that after the harvest, the fields must be cleared and made empty before new seed is planted. You will similarly feel called to release the old vessels of the past. You will find them now as empty as dried husks preparing to return to dust. Clear yourself. Be rid of the old, unserving aspects of your life. Put aside illusions of “fear”, “weakness” or “failure” and let the greater purpose you have come to serve take hold of your greater faculties. Face your inner work diligently and make all the more room to prepare for the new beginning that has already begun to dawn within you. You are a force of God. Let it be so in your awareness, and in all that you become and create on Earth.”