Facing the Shadow

The Shadow is the part of the human psyche that has formed a complex, often unconscious system of beliefs and behavioral patterns based on what we perceive with our egos. The ego is the part of our perception that originates from fear, which, according to the Angels is merely the illusion of separation from God and one another. The ego is the part of us that holds the capacity to experience separation from love and wellbeing, and thereby manifests life’s suffering. When these fear-based, ego perceptions become intertwined with the building blocks of our psychology—in other words, when they inform our beliefs, sense of identity, and way of relating with others—what results is the “shadow”.

According to the Angels, most human beings live a large percentage of their lives unaware of the shadow, and unfocused on understanding it or trying to change it. After all, who wants to voluntarily spend their timing thinking about how fucked up they are and why? To face the shadow is to face one of the most uncomfortable aspects of being. It is to look at all of the most painful, triggering, fear-based things that we have experienced and internalized, and work to understand and transcend them. According to the Angels, though facing the shadow is uncomfortable for most people, the rewards of doing so are immense and potentially miraculous in their ability to bring us closer to unity, love, and wellbeing.

Channeled Angel Messages: 

“The time is ripe, blessed beings of God’s light. For the dawn is nearing. A new beginning awaits humanity, and it holds the golden promise of a world full of peace, wellbeing, and freedom for all. We Angels have envisioned this bright future, along with all of you, in your dreams and in the divine spaces in which you rest with us between physical lifetimes.

We are guiding you towards that destiny, precious, brave children. Together, we are all journeying towards the highest manifestations of love on planet Earth—manifestations of Love so perfect, miraculous, and all encompassing that you may consider Earth as yet another special and unique plane of heaven.

The promise of that heaven on Earth lies within you. You create it by forgiving—and thereby healing and transcending—the illusions of pain, separation, and suffering. Love’s miracle then comes naturally as a result of removing its illusory barriers. Do you see, precious child, how integral your forgiveness is to humanity’s spiritual destiny?

We Angels guide you in devoted, unending, unconditional love as you face that which is asking for your forgiveness. We are guiding you towards wholeness, unity, and the completion of your soul’s most original intention to Love without barriers, restrictions, or limitations.

Is it your wish to engage with us more closely in this mission? If so, then begin by facing that which is asking for forgiveness within you. We Angels will be with you, guiding your healing return to source’s unlimited Love at your beckoning.”

Forgiveness heals the shadow and transforms it into Love:

Whether you find yourself facing painful realities globally or personally, know that forgiveness is the true and only path to healing them. “Forgive the world for the mistakes it seems to harbor.” Speak the Angels. “For when you forgive the world, you absolve it of ego. When you forgive the world, you replace the collective ego with collective Love. And in so doing, you make it possible for each of your brothers and sisters to access greater healing, understanding, and wholeness in Love.

If life asks you to face your shadow, remind yourself (no matter the discomfort) that it is a powerful opportunity to transcend your past dysfunction, limitation, or lack of wellbeing. And according to the Angels, the ways in which life is now asking you to face your shadow directly correlate to your dreams and goals. If you have dreams in your heart that you dearly wish to come true, then the shadow you’re facing now is your opportunity to remove the precise obstacles and blockages that may be standing between you and what you desire. To face, transform, and forgive the shadow is to renew your self-Love and thus begin to experience the miracles of a God-realized self.