Freeing the Sacred Heart

Something I am often asked about in my work as a healer is the experience of worry. Worry can affect us deeply. Chronic worry can shift our relationship with the world around us to limit our availability for experiencing love, wellbeing, and creativity. But according to the Angels, your heart was not created to experience such limitations. Quite the opposite! Your heart was created to expand infinitely in a life-long discovery of Love. 

Some of us experience worry only occasionally in response to stressful situations, while others experience it almost non-stop, as if we have no control over the deluge of worrisome thoughts that seem to flow through our consciousness. I tuned into the Angels to ask them about what worry really is, so that we can better understand how to practice transcending it.

Channeled Messages from the Angels: 

“Worry is a contraction of the heart, while love is its expansion. In the Earth realm, duality exists as a vehicle for your free-will. Within this dual paradigm, it is possible for you to choose love or fear in navigating the human experience. Your choice contributes to the overall journey of the collective human spirit. When you choose love, you contribute to the creation of a world of peace. When you choose fear, which is the source of worry, you contribute to the overall creation of more fear. Do you see, beloved one, that worry does not help your cause? Choose love even for but a moment in time, and we Angels shall rush to your side to elevate your consciousness. 

Worry results from an absence of love, trust, joy, and gratitude. When the heart hungers for these divine essences, it creates a high state of sensitivity to anything that pulls it further away from love. In truth, this awareness gifts you with the opportunity to cleanse all thought forms born of fear and return to the love for which your heart is truly searching. However, we Angels observe that many of you often choose more worry in response to this heightened state of sensitivity. To this, we Angels wish to remind you that every single worrisome feeling is filled with the reminder to return to love’s constantly divine embrace. 

There was a time before your life on this Earth when you were free and pure of all worry—when your heart was radiant with joyous love and excitement at a mere glimpsing of reality. Let the mirror in your mind reflect your memories of heaven and bring peace to all fear, cleansing all temporal illusions of worry. Call out to us Angels, who forever grace your sides, and invite our assistance when you need to root firmly in the divine truth that All Is Well. We ask you to hold the strong in the belief that the highest divine mind, in all its miraculous perfection, awaits you the moment you choose to hold love in your heart. Thus, your sacred heart is liberated to be reborn in the image of your original peace.”

Mindfulness for Healing Worry: 

On my own spiritual path, I have been practicing releasing my focus on material things. The material world is a temporary realm of constantly shifting forms. According to the Angels, when we release attachment to it, we free our consciousness of the ego’s limiting hold.

So perhaps next time you notice worry clouding your mind and shifting the flow and feeling of your reality, you might ask yourself: “What am I focusing on?” “Is what I am focusing on of the material, temporal world?”

If so, breathe deeply and observe what it is that you’re attaching to. Practicing releasing that attachment, and reaching for quiet feelings of peace, or soothing thoughts of gratitude and trust.

Call upon the Angels for help in removing the presence of worry, and for a swift reconnection to the light of the Highest Love. Great healing and spiritual growth begins as simply as this.