God is in All You Perceive

′′Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Your reality is only spirit. Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.” – A Course in Miracles

Today, the Angels wish to guide you in opening your mind to the “Divine Vision” that lies ever present within you. Your mind is filled with the presence and spirit of God; of the oneness and infinite creativity that is this ever sprawling, magnificent universe. Your mind, therefore, has the ability to perceive the wisdom, harmony, purpose and oneness of all that you see in this life. That ability is your Divine Vision: your oneness with the mind of God.

As you allow your mind to merge with your innate ability to perceive with “Divine Vision”, you will find that to perceive the world is to merge and flow harmoniously with it. No longer will you perceive yourself as separate from what you see and experience. Rather, you will see and understand your natural oneness with all of the forces in existence. This focus, understanding and merging with oneness endows you with the ability to fulfill any wish your heart desires. Your abilities to manifest and co-create in this life, therefore, are the product of oneness.

How then, can we initiate and live from this place of Divine Vision? According to the Angels, the key to doing so lies in the power of your will. The Angels suggest that you set aside several moments of each day to practice pioneering the leading edge of your mental abilities. “Meditate,” the Angels advise. As you learn to hone, refine, and discipline the force of your will through stilling your thoughts, you’ll begin to sense the presence of God around you.

“Envision,” say the Angels. From a foundation of meditative stillness, you have the power to envision, explore and create at the spiritual level of being. Hold the intention to perceive your oneness with all

creation. Ask to feel the presence of God both within and around you. Set the intention to create, attract or learn something specific from this connected place. “We Angels answer your every call and are able to guide your mind to its highest spiritual potential when you hold the intention to do so.”

“Trust,” say the Angels. Have faith in the feelings and perspectives your Divine Vision brings you. The more you trust and listen to your intuition, the stronger your ability to live from this state of consciousness will be.

“To live in perfect oneness with the Divine: that is your gift and destiny,” say the Angels. “There is no separation in truth between Heaven and Earth. You have the power to experience and spread that by holding space for this oneness in your mind. For what can be accomplished in your mind can be done in the mind of all. God is in you and in all that you perceive.”