How to Heal the Heart

When your heart hurts, your Angels are watching, listening and waiting in the wings, precious one. They await your signal to allow them to restore the peace of heaven to your heart. Did you know that there exists no pain, loss, or difficulty that cannot be healed in full? With God, the source of infinite Love, perfect healing is always possible. There exists not a single obstacle conceived by man that cannot be overcome by the divine. “So give us your cares,” say your Angels. “You never need to shoulder difficulty alone. Ask for heaven’s help, invite the power of Divine Love into your life, and know that in the heart of God there already exists a perfect healing and resolution for you. You need merely to trust, open your heart and receive it.”

According to the Angels you have the power to heal your heart fully no matter what you have been through. This process begins with the belief, receptivity and willingness to heal. Belief begins with the willingness to see that you are absolutely unlimited in your present situation. No personal label, situation, or seeming obstacle can ever change your unlimited access to the universe’s infinite resources. Therefore, begin your healing process by believing in your infinite potential to heal, manifest, and overcome difficulty.

In order to allow yourself to receive your healing, practice Self-Love throughout any challenge you might face. If you can Love yourself unconditionally with each thought, choice, and action, then you can and will always find your way to a brighter horizon. Self-Love enables you to sense your deservingness to receive support and healing from the universe. To receive support from the universe is to function exactly as the creator intended—as a beloved child infinitely supported and provided for. Love yourself unconditionally therefore, and you will glimpse the creator’s Love for you—a Love through which all healing is possible and tangible.

Yet another powerful tool you have to achieve miracle healing is Forgiveness. Forgiveness clears away anything that ever seemed to stand in the way of your perfect health and happiness. Forgiveness cleanses the heart, mind and spirit to allow you to see yourself and all aspects of your life from a perspective of unity, love and compassion. Do you wish to experience your truly powerful, free and unlimited nature? You can ascend to that state of unlimited possibility through the clarity and lightness of being given to you through forgiveness. To forgive is to see the world from a perspective of love and peace, thereby entering a state of unity with perfect divine healing.

You have the power to heal and uplift your life now in truly miraculous ways. Is there any burden you can perceive in your heart that you would like to heal? Set the intention to give it to God and the Angels today. Ask yourself: how can I practice loving myself better? Whom or what in my life must I forgive? Begin the journey towards a perfectly clear life that allows room for infinite possibilities to bloom. Heaven is ever present and ready to fill your life to the brim with Love, Peace, Health, Prosperity and Joy. You have simply to reach out to begin to receive this incredible gift.