Sarah Hall is an international spiritual teacher, Angel channeler, and YouTuber. Sarah specializes in communicating with Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides to deliver messages of love and healing to her clients and students. With over ten years of experience and clients in 25 countries, Sarah has a devoted passion for guiding spiritual empowerment. Sarah is the host of the podcast “Through the Eyes of the Angels” and is author to over 20 widely celebrated guided meditations. Sarah believes that we all have the power to commune with the divine to transform our lives, and that we begin to do so through self-discovery. Sarah’s mission is to share the love of heaven in order to teach self-empowerment and spiritual growth to all in need.

My Story

I was born with extrasensory abilities. From early childhood I would watch the little glowing Angel lights that would dance above my bed as I fell asleep. I was strongly connected to Mother Mary, who appeared to me at the age of 2 to imbue my heart with her joy and love. I often felt the presence of spirits and was keenly aware of the deeper emotions and intentions within others around me.

My first experience channeling a spiritual being arrived at the age of 15. The spirit world was so new to me then. I was confused and a little frightened when my channeling gift opened like a flood gate. I became aware of spirits of all kinds and did not know how to control or quiet my gift when I needed to remain grounded. And so I shut it all out. I shouted to the universe that I would not believe in the presence of a spirit world, let alone channel it.

Over the next several years, I spiraled into a deep depression. My stubborn insistence that I would not believe in the spirit world only served to slightly dull my gift. My intuitive sensitivity was still high, and I still did not know how to ground myself, or draw boundaries between my emotions and those of others. I attracted incredible challenges in my relationships, including abusive friendships and romantic relationships. My life was riddled with daily anxiety, panic attacks, and addiction. I felt encompassing regret, shame, and isolation. Sometimes I wondered if I should go on living.

At my lowest point, I was given the message to call on the Angels for help. The stubborn non-believer within me balked at the idea. But one night, when I was suddenly paralyzed with fear and psychic attack so strong as to feel like I was drowning, I called out, “Angels, please help me!” Suddenly the room was glowing with pale white light. A tall luminescent figure stood at the edge of my bed with gorgeous golden wings and a sword of light in his hands. Archangel Michael chased away the presence of all darkness and fear from my being. 

From that day forward I began to experience a journey of miraculous healing. With the Angels by my side, I learned to hone my spiritual gifts so that I could use them in a balanced way to serve and heal myself and others. I overcame all patterns of depression, abuse, addiction, and fear in my life. I merged with the power of divine love, and felt what it is to return to the origin of all life within the creator.

Does this mean that I’m perfect? Some kind of spiritually enlightened genius? Ha, no! I’m exactly like you: a beautifully flawed, dynamic human being full of complex desires, questions, and yearnings on a journey of continual discovery. But from that day forward, I was filled with a burning passion to share the Angels’ miraculous, healing love and wisdom with whomever so needed it.

Word spread about my abilities and people began reaching out in search of guidance, healing, hope and clarity. And so, my career as a voice for the Angels began. Through my healing work, I learned that each and every one of us has the power to connect with the divine and transform our lives, and that we begin to do so through knowing ourselves. To know yourself, the divine being behind all of the noise of life, is to discover powerful freedom and wisdom. To cultivate love in your relationship with yourself is to expand the presence of the divine being within you and create love on this Earth. Spirituality, then, is a journey of self-discovery, wherein you have the power to touch God—to know and even embody the divine.

Join me on that journey. I would love to share my humble experiences with you in the intent to empower you as you discover the unlimited power of your spiritual connection. Wherever this journey takes you from here, know that you are loved beyond your wildest imaginings, and that you are here for a reason. Life is a celebration of Love and I can’t wait to experience more of it with you.