Now is the Time to Awaken

August 5, 2020

Recently I was contemplating all of the things that seem to fill our human lives: birth, death, wanting, receiving, suffering, enjoying, loving, waiting, searching, working, trying, laughing, crying, or just being… Life is a journey filled with so many perspectives, feelings, and states of being. Sometimes I find myself asking the age-old human question: “What…
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Balancing Empathic Sensitivity

July 6, 2020

Let’s face it. 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for a lot of us. The world has seen so many big changes come through in a very short amount of time. For many spiritually-sensitive, empathic light-workers, this has been intense. Empaths are closely dialed into the energy of the world. We are sensitive to…
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When Soul Mates Collide

June 3, 2020

Your soul mates are your life’s greatest teachers. And yes, we all have more than one. A soul mate can be a parent, sibling, child, friend, lover, or anyone else with whom you hold a strong spiritual agreement to help each other learn and grow. Soul mates are not only those with whom you feel…
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Love and Non-Attachment

May 10, 2020

Over the years of my spiritual journey with the Angels, they have repeatedly guided me into the practice of non-attachment. According to the Angels, non-attachment is one of our most empowering tools in raising consciousness towards their level of union with the divine. Each time I have found myself facing a challenge, I have felt…
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A Dark Night of the Soul

May 3, 2020

With no other Light than the one that burns in your Heart… There are rare occurrences throughout the human story that unite our focus and spiritual growth so powerfully as a challenge like this one. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented the global human family with what we might call a “dark night of the soul”.…
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