Love and Non-Attachment

Over the years of my spiritual journey with the Angels, they have repeatedly guided me into the practice of non-attachment. According to the Angels, non-attachment is one of our most empowering tools in raising consciousness towards their level of union with the divine.

Each time I have found myself facing a challenge, I have felt the Angels gentle, guiding hands upon my shoulders, reminding me to let go, breathe deeply, and allow the presence of God to flow freely in my heart. Though life’s challenges are not easy for any of us, non-attachment allows us the means to see clearly, and navigate through them with peace.

Through the Angels’ guidance, I have learned that non-attachment is a means of liberation from the ego’s limiting influence. It is a practice that sets us free from suffering, and lifts us into greater awareness of love’s constantly shining truth.

But what about Love? From our human perspective, is it not true that love is synonymous with attachment? “To Love is to let go,” the Angels whispered as I pondered the thought.

Channeled Angel Messages:

“It can only be the ego that seeks to possess. But the spirit? The spirit can only love. It is fear that leads the ego to grasp, hold, and keep. For this level of consciousness is not yet aware of the truth that it is not possible to either possess or lose anything. The truth that the highest self holds in firm and steady awareness is that all is one with you. It is in letting go that you surrender into deep harmonious union with the beloved.

We would guide you to look upon the sign-posts of ego—desires, worries, and fears—with kindness and compassion. For it is your love that will soften the hold of attachment, and generate the spaciousness of peaceful allowing in your consciousness.

When the ego “loves” with attachment, both divine love and fear-based attachment are present. Become aware of the attachment. With compassionate courage, allow yourself to see the fear beneath it. Look kindly and gently upon this fear, and then watch as its forms melt unto vanishing.

Beneath attachment, like a deep underground table of pure water, divine love is always present within you. It flows steady, true, and infinitely patient for your arrival. Draw down deep into its life-giving sweetness. Here we shall meet you, beloved humble warriors, and celebrate in joyful gratitude for your return.”

“The Spirit Loves,” I repeated to myself. “And to Love is to let go.”

I believe that Love lets go and allows all things to flow and to be without possession because Love sees all with trust. To trust is to surrender completely. It is to give yourself to the divine just as completely as it forever gives itself to you. Such a sweet, whole, and complete surrender can only create a merging the likes of which must make miracles. This is the kind of trust I wish upon the world. Would you pray for that trust and Love with me?