Messages from Archangel Michael

This month’s Angel messages bring us insights from one of my favorite Angelic guides, Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the protector and guardian of the Earth. His mission is to clear the planet of all darkness and fear. Archangel Michael wants you to know that if you have been feeling drained, irritable, or lacking in hope, direction or inspiration, you have most likely absorbed lower energy. According to Michael this lower energy, in spiritual truth, is not real. It is the illusion of the absence of Love. In truth, it is impossible for love to be absent. Love is our infinite, omnipresent and immutable source. So in truth, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

Archangel Michael understands with perfect compassion that while we’re in human bodies living in a material world, earthbound rules and conditions do affect us. One of those conditions is that dark energy can lower our mood and make us feel depleted. Archangel Michael wants you to know that if you have been feeling this way, there is an easy solution to healing it. If you are feeling drained, irritable, or low in any manner, the first step to take is to simply become aware that the root cause of this is an unloving thought. Take a moment to evaluate your thoughts and beliefs. Have you been identifying with the fears of another person, or perhaps with the stories told by the media? Perhaps you have taken on negativity either by judging someone, feeling sorry for them, or becoming angry. When we identify with the negativity or fear of others in any way, even through our own empathy, we are absorbing dark energy. Identifying with fear causes us to become one with it and to take on its effects.

According to Archangel Michael, when this occurs there is absolutely no need to struggle to rid yourself of the dark energy. Simply take a deep, calming breath, and without any self-judgment or need to analyze the unloving thought, call upon Archangel Michael to clear you. Archangel Michael will rush to your side as instantly as you think his name and give you whatever help, clearing or protection you require. Michael is able to extend his aid to your loved ones, or to any world issue that may be in your heart or mind. Michael is completely unlimited by space and time so he is capable of being fully focused and present in many places at once. Archangel Michael invites you to call upon him for help with absolutely anything you may be struggling with, no matter how big or how small.

Archangel Michael says that he can see that many of us may currently be carrying fear over world issues such as the U.S. election, environmental concerns, or violence occurring in the world. He wants you to know that while your love, compassion, and urge to bring help and resolution to these issues is absolutely

perfect and beautiful, there is no need for you to personally take on the fear or darkness associated with these concerns. In fact, according to Archangel Michael, you are your most effective, inspiring, and helpful when you stay in a state of Love and Faith, and take whatever form of positive action for change that may call to you

“Rest assured that the burdens of the world lie not on your shoulders alone,” says Archangel Michael. “You are watched over and protected by all the Heavens, and by the Custodians of the Earth. Many of you were brought here for the purpose of aiding in solving global issues. Do you feel the passion and concern stirring in your heart when you hear of the concerns that face humanity? That is the call of your very soul—that part of you which remembers your purpose and longs to set the world free. If you want to make a difference, listen to that inner calling today. Allow us Angels to clear your heart of doubt, indecision, and fear so that you can feel the resounding Truth of God’s hope for humanity. The solutions to all of humanity’s problems exist in spiritual vibration. You have the power to call those solutions into being by believing in them and living from a state of love, faith and hope each day. Call upon us Angels and we will lovingly guide you forward on this path in each moment of your life.”