Now is the Time to Awaken

Recently I was contemplating all of the things that seem to fill our human lives: birth, death, wanting, receiving, suffering, enjoying, loving, waiting, searching, working, trying, laughing, crying, or just being… Life is a journey filled with so many perspectives, feelings, and states of being. Sometimes I find myself asking the age-old human question:

“What is it all for? Why?”

And so I put this simple question to my Angels today, then rested in quiet, listening for them for a while. A few moments later, I heard geese calling out above, and then the gentle patter of rain began to fall as if to punctuate the Angels’ answer:

“Life is you realizing that you are God.”

I took in a deep, slow breath and spent a few moments reflecting on that. “Even the difficult moments?” I thought. “Even our moments of doubt?” Though my heart knew the answer was yes, I wanted to hear the Angels’ perspective.

Channeled Angel Messages:

No “problem” or moment of suffering can possibly deter you from realizing that you are one with God. Every step you take is a step taken into the heart of God, without exception. Even the illusion of separation and suffering gently knocks upon the inner doors of awakening, beckoning you to open and receive.

Life is a cosmic dance in awakening. Each breath, moment, feeling, thought, and lesson serve as signposts that lead back to the divine—to the realization of who and what you are in truth.

Would you like to know how to answer the call to awaken? Greet each experience with love, kindness, and compassion. For it is empathy that will guide your sense of self into expansion— into full realization of who you are beyond the seemingly “individual” human you. It is part of your destiny to realize selfhood as the collective human race, as all Earthly life forms, and as the whole of the universe. “You” are one with all, and in realization of your completeness, heavenly joy, peace, and harmony reign supreme.

“Thank you, Angels.” I thought. Their words felt so humbling, as if all of life’s questions and yearnings were being directed back to the simple act of offering love. No matter what you meet in this life, and what perspectives or states of being life triggers within you, remember that your only task is to offer love. Offer love, and hold the humble intention in your heart to awaken to the truth. This is how we work miracles.