Nurturing Your Self Worth

Over the years of my work as an Angelic healer, I have witnessed the Angels guide countless people on the path to cultivating self-worth. According to the Angels, self-worth is one of the key pillars of healing because it is necessary in order to achieve a state of self-love. Self-worth and self-love open the gates to allowing divine love—the energy that births all life—to flow into our lives and create healing miracles.

No matter what it is that you’re seeking to heal in your life—trauma, addiction, depression, anger, anxiety, betrayal, trust-issues, grief, loss, illness, injury, (you name it!)—nurturing your self-worth will strengthen and accelerate your healing process. From a spiritual energy standpoint, a belief in our worthiness instantly puts us in a state of receptivity. Source energy thus flows through us more fluidly and abundantly, allowing us to manifest powerful healing results.

The miraculous thing about source-energy—this force that we experience as divine love—is that it has an intelligence all its own. When we allow it to flow freely in our lives, it instills everything it touches with harmony, grace, and wellbeing. It is, after all, the code of the universe. This intelligence creates the miracle of life wherever it goes.

When we nurture a consciousness of self-worth and self-love, we are vibrationally aligning with this primordial spiritual essence of the universe. Self-worth is therefore the gateway to accessing our origin, divine identity, and birth right as creators. When we realize our worth, we are awakening to our innate ability to see and understand ourselves through God’s eyes.

Channeled Messages from the Angels:

“You are the seed of creation; a most holy and beloved miracle-child of heaven. You were made whole, perfect, and indivisible from the all knowing love that made the universe. There is no force in existence that can ever separate you from your holy, natural union with the creator. You are loved, therefore, infinitely and ceaselessly. You, child of heaven, are the sacred vessel of the universe’s fertility and self-knowledge. With great love, the heavens watch over you, for you are the precious jewel of life that we have been awaiting and preparing for since the dawn of existence. Do you see now, beloved miracle-child, a glimpse of your true worth?”

How to Nurture Self Worth:

How then, can we cultivate a consciousness of self-worth in our everyday lives? According to the Angels, knowing our self-worth begins with our thoughts and words. Become aware of the thoughts you think and words you speak throughout the day. Do you ever find yourself self-criticizing or using self-deprecating language? Ask your spirit how you can express yourself more truthfully, and begin taking steps to practice that daily.

Once we cultivate love and worthiness in our thoughts and language, it has the opportunity to spread unhindered throughout our actions. Become mindful of the actions you take to support your self-care. Express your worthiness and love by taking action to support your dreams, nurture your needs, and affirm your truth.

Soon, these actions will become the structure of your relationships, your life’s work, and the overall vibrational momentum of all that you attract and experience. Life will thus mirror your consciousness of wellbeing back to you in all that you do. Call upon the Angels for help in perceiving, building, and nurturing your foundation of self-worth today. The powerful secret of your true divine identity awaits your realization now.