Peace is Your Original Nature

For the past week or so, during each of my meditations, I have heard the whisps of a familiar song floating through my subconscious mind: the Ave Maria. Sometimes its the Schubert version, sometimes the Caccini. When I studied classical vocal performance in college, I performed these song many times, and they are now as familiar and magically comforting to me as a sunrise viewed over a favorite horizon. I soon found myself humming and singing these songs as I went about my day. They hovered in the back of my mind like little companions soothing my heart through my waking hours.

Always one to trust the nudges that arise from my deeper psyche, I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is a message.” The next time I sat down to meditate, I asked spirit that very question. Soon, I could feel a soft blue light enfolding me, as tranquil as a whispering brook. The light became gentle, loving arms wrapping tightly around me. A little voice in the back of my mind told me to let go and surrender into this light. I visualized myself shaking off the analyzing part of my mind, and watched it melt as I relaxed more deeply. “Embrace your feeling nature,” the little voice said. And so I visualized and felt my consciousness melting into awareness of my feelings.

Channeled Messages from the Divine Mother:

“Be still and surrender,” a light, silvery voice spoke. “God is here, and the miracle works best when you surrender to it.” 
A knowingness filled my heart as I sensed the presence behind the voice. This was the Holy Mother—the aspect of God that is pure, collective, maternal love and devotion. Within her presence are the names of every Motherly Goddess and Holy One every culture has known throughout time. She is the manifestation of the most powerful love in the universe. Her love is that which stands before and transcends all adversity.

“Peace is the natural state of all conscious beings. The most direct and powerful path to it is not in thinking, reasoning, analyzing, or doing, but in being. Call upon me when you wish to quiet, calm, and soothe the noise of the lower self. Call upon me to lift you up from those passing dreams, and into the light of your original holiness. Call upon me to remember who and what you are: an innocent and pure child of the highest divine. I watch you rush into my arms when you sleep, rest, laugh, and play. That is where you feel most at home. But when you fret, fear, and overthink, you cherished, beloved humans tend to wander away. Did you know that my gaze never leaves you? Did you know that my arms are always open wide? Rush back into my heart, beloved child, for you need never leave it. My arms are your home, and in them you are divine perfection.” 

I spent the rest of that meditation simply surrendering to the feeling of this support for I don’t know how long. When I finally felt ready to fully wake and return, it was like emerging from the most rejuvenating rest. I felt reborn and brand new in the world. “And this is the gift I give to all of my children at every moment if only they are willing to receive it.” Spoke the silvery voice.