5 Minute Meditation for Energy Cleansing with Archangel Michael



This meditation is a fast and powerful energy clearing for removing blockages, toxic energy, or psychic attack from your spiritual energy body with the help of Archangel Michael.

This meditation is the perfect tool for you if:

• You feel drained or foggy.

• You feel worried, anxious, or stressed.

• You are in a negative or challenging environment or situation.

• You need fast and powerful energy healing that you can easily fit into your busy schedule.

This meditation will guide you to align with the most powerful protector and purifier in the universe: Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael loves, protects, and guides everyone who calls upon him unconditionally.

This meditation also works as a space clearing. Play this meditation in any environment where you wish to invite Archangel Michael to cleanse and uplift the energy, and create peace.

This meditation implements a spiritual energy healing technique known as “aura combing”. Aura combing in the process of clearing etheric cords, negative attachments, and blockages from all surfaces of your energy field quickly and thoroughly.

Repeat this meditation daily for a fast and effective return to your natural, divine state of peace.