Psychic Protection with Archangel Michael


Psychic Protection with Archangel Michael Meditation


This meditation is a powerful energy clearing to remove any form of psychic attack or toxic energetic debris from your life. Experience the shielding love of one of the most powerful protectors in the universe, Archangel Michael. Michael is the Archangel whose divine purpose is to eradicate all forms of fear and negativity from the Earth for good. He is one of the strongest, most effective and foolproof sources of spiritual protection there is. This meditation is the perfect tool for you if:

• You feel drained, upset, or fearful in any way as a result of a toxic relationship, situation, or environment.
• You have been worrying over the safety, health or well-being of a loved one.
• You have been experiencing fear as the result of negative supernatural entities, energies, or presences in your life, home, or dream time.

This meditation works additionally for space clearing. Play this meditation in any space or environment whose vibration you wish to uplift, and it will act as a psychic bug bomb to clear out any and all forms of negativity. Experience the powerful, guiding presence of Archangel Michael as he uplifts your life towards safety, health, and wellbeing.