Soul Retreat

According to the Angels, this is an excellent time for retreat. Spiritual retreat is an important function of living a healthy, happy life—especially in today’s world, so full of activity and distraction. “Rest well, live easily, live simply, and be healthy.” Say the Angels. As we embrace stillness, quiet and simplicity we create the mental and emotional space necessary in our lives to hear our hearts and to hear the voice of God.

If you are looking for an answer, a motivator, the right decision, or replenishment of any kind, the source of these things lies in rest, simplicity and consistent self- care. Nurture your body, heart, mind and spirit by only spending time in gentle, restful, and simple environments, relationships and situations. If any challenges arise, choose the path of least resistance and give yourself plenty of time to reflect and rest before making a decision.

High sensitivity is abundant among spiritual individuals at this time. That sensitivity is always a gift and always has something beautiful and empowering to teach you. It is only when we do not honor our sensitivity that we feel challenged by its effects. So if your body or emotions are asking for specific care, listen and nurture yourself as your first priority in life. As a result, you will receive great spiritual gifts. Your heart will be deeply emotionally replenished, your mind will find the clarity you need, your body will find deep healing and support, and your spirit will thus be guided towards God, Love and your highest personal fulfillment.

One of the best ways to clear the soul is to retreat into nature. Nature has powerful abilities to heal us. Nature does not resist the flow of the universe, and when we spend time in it, we naturally begin to flow in the direction of Earth’s living forces as well. Nature has so much to teach us. It moves gently and slowly, cycling through life with perfect rhythm and harmony between stillness and creativity. The Angels instruct that if we retreat into nature, we will receive empowering personal benefits by getting quiet, listening and allowing Mother Earth to show us her beauty and wisdom. “Be as still and rooted into the present moment as the trees,” say the Angels. “Be mindful of the feelings your heart possesses. Our voices can be heard within the murmurings of your own heart, bathed in stillness and gentleness.”