Spiritual Detox

Our bodies are the vessels of our spiritual growth. So often when we tune into the Angels for guidance in healing one area of life or another, they will respond with a message centered in healing, strengthening and uplifting the body to support the life area about which we are asking. The state your body is in plays a significant role in determining the state of your mind, and therefore your awareness of and relationship with spirit.

This has been a powerful time of life-changes and spiritual growth for so many people on Earth. We are calibrating to a new spiritual frequency, and that spiritual frequency translates from the spirit, to the mind, all the way to the body. What you choose to do in nurturing and strengthening your body at this time is determining your life’s course. To support your spiritual growth, strengthen yourself in completing your life’s purpose, and uplift your life towards greater personal fulfillment, the Angels highly urge us to improve our relationships with our bodies. Listen to your body and ask it what it wants to be fed. Seek to discover your body’s highest potential in its cycles, rhythms, and flow. Ask your body how it would like to move. Ask it how and when it would like to sleep, rest and play.

The Angels want you to know that as you strengthen and purify your body, you will find yourself glowing with greater overall happiness and love of life. That love and happiness you seek, and begin to experience as a result of physical health, is the presence of God. By aligning with the vibration of health and self-care, you align with the divine, and become closer to God in all that you think, seek, feel and do.

The body therefore becomes a channel of light—a vessel with the power to sustain higher spiritual states for longer increments of time, creating more peace and wellbeing not only for oneself, but also for all of those with whom we share this planet. From the Angelic perspective, our physical and emotional wellbeing is of utmost importance because that wellness is the only state by which we evolve towards enlightenment.

Ask the Angels to guide you through a spiritual detox today. Ask them to teach you how to listen to your body’s messages. As you heal your body, notice the rest of your life following suit. When you sustain high vibrations of self-love, harmony and peace in one area of life, it will naturally awaken those same feelings everywhere: in your work, your relationships, and in all that you think, desire and feel. You are a vessel of light. You deserve to shine your brightest now and always.