The Art of Acceptance

“Knowing the constant, we accept things as they are. By accepting things as they are, we are impartial. By being impartial, we are part of the Nature. By being a part of the Nature, we are one with Tao. Tao is eternal, and we survive physical death.” -Tao Te Ching, Verse 16

This month, the Angels guided me to share the message of Acceptance. When we practice acceptance in the face of all that we meet in life, we open ourselves to greater peace and fulfillment. In response to each and every blessing or challenge that seems to cross your path, practice cultivating acceptance. Simply allow things to be, without judgment and without resistance.

From the quiet observation of Acceptance, rises wisdom. According to the laws of higher consciousness, when we accept and allow the events of life to flow we make room for insight and understanding to enter our perspective. Each and every one of us has access to divine truth and wisdom. This knowledge flows through us naturally and abundantly at all times. Acceptance creates the focus, space and openness necessary to tap into that wisdom.

To practice Acceptance regularly throughout your life cultivates greater happiness, healing and peace for yourself and those around you. Below are the words I channeled from the Angels on the Art of Acceptance:

“To accept all that you see and experience is to allow the divine harmony of creation to flow through your life. To practice the art of acceptance lends a powerful opportunity to elevate one’s consciousness into the seat of divine love. From the eyes of Divine Love, there is only Love to be seen—Love so powerful that it has no opposite—Love so all-encompassing that it sees

only oneness. In the presence of such Love, consciousness has but one function: to envelope all realms and forms of creation within one great eternity of understanding; to stand at the leading edge of reality and to become God; to become the all- knowing oneness that loves, creates, parents and is all things. Enlightenment is written in your very DNA. It is yours to become now and forever.”

Hold the intention to allow Divine Love to guide your life. The natural function of this Love is to express abundant health, peace and wellbeing in all that it touches. To practice the Art of Acceptance is the key to unlocking and allowing this force to shape your life.