The Birth of Light

“Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.”―Wayne Dyer

December brings the Winter Solstice, a time of year in which we celebrate the rebirth of light across many cultures and spiritual modalities. As we celebrate the return of the sunlight to the Earth, we also celebrate the triumph of our inner light within the collective consciousness we share. Here are the messages I channeled from the Angels on the birth of your inner light:

“Blessed ones, we invite you to gather with us now to celebrate the restoration of the creator’s love within your hearts. The highest divine love resides within the holiest of temples: within each one of you. You are the bringers of light to the world; the vessels of holiest love triumphant. You give birth to heaven on earth through each moment of love that you create, express and share. Your joy, hope and wellbeing are the precious milestones of heavenly unity, realized. As you discover your inner light—that is, your infinite capacity to love fearlessly, you discover both your origin and your destiny. Through Love you are realizing that you are God. At this realization, there is nothing left to do but celebrate! Celebrate, dance, laugh, sing, and let your gratitude spread like wings of light from your hearts, lifting you higher and higher into joy. Your joy is the fastest and most powerful way to spread the news of heaven’s love, restored and realized fully within the collective heart of the world. Heaven on Earth is already here, just as it always has been, and ever shall be. There is nothing left to seek. There is no separation between you and the highest, holiest of Love. Divine perfection resides in you now. You are the messengers of Love, just as we Angels are. Join us and celebrate, beloved sisters and brothers.”