The Call to Awakening

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”―Buddha We all receive the call to awaken. The divine presence within each of us summons us into unity with divine truth in each moment. Each feeling, desire, and creation upon which we focus is held lovingly in the hands of the divine inner self. Each desire and thought form is, in truth, catalyzed by our immense desire for God—for conscious unity with the mind of the All.

As we evolve throughout our lives, each desire seems to give way to another, and another. The search for God does not end in any form of reality outside of you. All riches, pleasures, and human creations are slight copies of the divine union you desire in truth. And so, the call to awaken persists. Your feelings and desires continue to evolve, driving you towards the moment in which your search finally lands within. All that you seek lies within you now. The presence of God is right here in the miracle of the present moment. Become still and enter this moment. Allow your presence to expand and unfurl within the now. It is here that your consciousness is bathed in the Truth. Herein lies the discovery of all the fulfillment, knowledge and expansion you could ever fathom to desire.

We all receive the call to awaken. We all have the ability to step into the presence of God right now. When we understand where this calling beckons us and choose to say yes to it, all the pieces of our lives fall perfectly into place. Breathe, become still, and allow your full presence to enter this moment now. Trust the divine and receive the miraculous splendors that lie in infinite abundance within the power of your own conscious presence now.