The Cosmic Dance of Change

As I went for my morning nature walk today, I noticed that the wildflowers were already beginning to fill the forest. An incredibly sweet scent filled the air as the breath of the newly bloomed flowers mingled with the scent of the rain-soaked earth. I took a deep breath. I wanted to absorb as much of this heavenly air as I could. “Could it really already be June?” I thought to myself. Life often seems to move so fast. It seemed like it was only yesterday when the forest was still barely green with the early Spring.

I spotted a large mossy rock off the path, and decided that it would be the perfect place for a morning meditation. I took up my perch and settled in, closing my eyes to the scent of the Earth’s wild sweetness and the touch of the cool rock. I called on the Angels and bathed in quiet observation for a time. As I began to emerge from my meditation, I felt the familiar presence of Archangel Michael. “What messages do you have for me to share?” I asked him.

Channeled Messages from Archangel Michael:

“Change is the constant artist of all you seem to perceive.” He spoke. “But there is really only one life in spiritual truth: the life you share with God. You are the force of life itself made conscious—the infinite divine presence behind all of life’s unfolding. We Angels seek, in our divine purpose, to always lead you back to that truth through all of life’s changes.”

Michael then showed me an image of human beings reacting to change with fear. “Fear,” he explained, “always occurs as a result of human beings observing changeAll that humans ever truly fear is change when they have attached to the object they observe to be changing as if it were their source.”

“In other words,” Michael explained, “human beings tend to relate with things that remind them of source energy—whether appearing as a source of love, money, health, safety, shelter, or any other form— as they would instinctually relate with God. Remember that God is infinite, unchanging, and all-providing. The Earthly substitutes for God, however, (home, money, relationships, physical strength, etc.) are not. Therefore, to perceive a change in something you had mistaken for God is naturally fear-inducing.”

“Our purpose as Angels is to guide you back to the truth of your real source, and thereby to help you eradicate all fear and illusion of separation from God from your hearts. That which you perceive to change will not point you to the truth, but the life force behind it will.

“In this way, change, the very thing that seems to trigger human fear, is also the key to your return to pure divine awareness. If you can observe change without attaching to that which changes as if it is your source, then you can easily anchor your consciousness in God, the changeless.”

“Allow yourself to dance through change, therefore. And remember that you are not the dance floor, the dancer, or even the dance itself. You are the force that gives rise to the dance through all things.”

Archangel Michael then showed me an image of the Earth surrounded in the energy of big changes in consciousness. He showed that these changes, for some, can present the experience of a challenge. But Michael wishes for all of us to hold strong to the knowledge that “no shift need ever present even a moment of suffering. For when we realize that what is changing is not who we are or what we rely on, but simply the outer vehicle of a self and source that is endless and changeless, then we realize that there is nothing to fear. Release attachment to what you perceive to be changing and dance with change in perfect trust, for your true source can never alter.” Spoke Michael.

Call upon Archangel Michael regularly throughout this month, and remember that no seeming challenge need ever really present you with difficulty. Invite Michael to help you shift and redirect your natural human tendency to reach for God away from temporal, changing forms, and back into God, the infinite and changeless source of Love.