The Healing Power of Faith

Hello dear ones! This month your Angels’ message for you is to have faith in whatever circumstances are forming around you. No matter how those circumstances may appear, they are part of the unfolding of what is ultimately good for you. Even when a relationship might take an undesirable turn, a plan moves in an unexpected direction, or challenge presents itself to you, faith will give you the power to see the highest perspective on this situation and see yourself through to an outcome that is good for you.

The circumstances around you are part of a feedback loop of energy based on the universe’s response to your mental state and your soul’s greater destiny and karmic needs. In other words, God knows what experiences you need to learn and live your purpose, and is always collaborating with YOU on how those experiences come to be. You are the co-creator of your dreams. And as you cultivate a deep sense of faith in the harmony of all that you attract, you ride the river of life lightly and easily. Faith helps you to accept the circumstances around you without resistance or harsh judgment, thereby helping you to see the truth and understand the most empowering way to proceed. Have faith in the breakups, the unexpected changes in your environment, and the seeming roadblocks just as much as in the promotions, the windfalls of abundance, and the positive new relationships. They are all ultimately going to be very good for you.

Faith helps you to communicate intimately with spirit, deepens your relationship with God, and constantly renews your perspective on life. You are a being of faith because you are a being made of love, and love and faith go hand in hand. Find the core part of your soul understands life and reality so completely that you cannot but have faith. Your journey home is always beautiful, safe, and full of abundant blessings.