The Miracle of Kindness

“To be kind is to allow another to feel seen by God.”

In my meditations over the past month, I had been repeatedly hearing the name “Haziel” whispered into my consciousness. “Haziel,” I thought. “I wonder who this is.” And then one day I heard the name again, “Haziel,” and felt a magnificently beautiful presence spread over me. My heart opened as if it were hearing the sweet song of a violin. I saw and felt a radiant white and soft lemon-yellow colored light approach me. Within this light, there was an Angel smiling before me.

I felt guided to meditate, open my heart, and simply listen as I connected to this Angel. Haziel sent rays of light into my heart, and as I breathed the energy in, I immediately began to feel as if every important emotion and experience I ever held in my heart were suddenly being seen and held in such a tender, compassionate understanding. It was as if Haziel knew me, and simply by receiving his attention, I was blossoming. In this state, it felt as if any seeming fear or difficulty I ever felt as a human being simply could not but transform into pure Love. And then suddenly a mysterious knowingness dawned in my heart: Haziel is the Angel of kindness. 


Channeled Messages from Haziel:

“To be kind is to allow another to feel seen by God.” Haziel spoke with a deep smile. “When human beings enact kindness, they are acting from the consciousness of God. To be kind is to embody the nature of the divine and see through its eyes. The one receiving kindness is then brought into a state of awareness that is the same as feeling they are in God’s sight. In the act of receiving kindness, they are known, understood, precious, and beloved. That, my friend, is a miracle, because kindness is thus delivering a soul back into awareness of their unity with the Source of All.”


Haziel showed me an image of the energy of kindness flowing between two hearts.

“Kindness is a miracle-gift to both its giver and receiver,” Haziel continued. “Because in truth, to be kind is to see into the soul of another. To be kind is to enter a state in which you see and feel the experience of another soul, and validate them as one with you. In this moment of unity, kindness delivers both its giver and receiver back into the all-providing, all-soothing, all-loving, and all-giving heart of the divine creator.”


I then saw an image of the energy of kindness flowing throughout the human race.

Kindness miraculously heals all illusions of isolation, separation, and fear from the human collective. Because acts of kindness merge you into unity with God, it acts as an instantaneous vehicle into the same consciousness that knows the answer to every question, heals everything that seems to be broken, and rebirths all that seems to have died. Mercy and compassion, therefore, are divine states of being that honor the source of love, and enable you to become its instrument of miracles.”

As I absorbed this message, I was reminded of the line in the Course in Miracles that states, “Love created you like itself.” In other words, God is love and kindness itself, and kindness created you kind. Holiness created you holy. Generosity created you generous. Perfection created you perfect. To embody these states of being is to embody your origin in God, and therefore to also know and understand God in all its power.

Haziel smiled another deep, glowing smile. He placed his hand above my heart and said, “So you see? To create peace and love in this world at a global scale wherein all souls will benefit and heal is not so complicated a task. We Angels see and know that humanity can fix every seeming problem it faces within one single human lifetime. This can be accomplished very simply and easily if life were to be universally approached from the consciousness of compassion.”

My eyes widened as I thought, “Yes, because after all, you cannot solve a problem or heal a wound if you approach it from the same consciousness that created it in the first place.” This is why a consciousness shift towards greater global love, healing, hope, and compassion is the highest priority to which any of us can aspire.

“Kindness is the miracle worker,” Haziel stated with love. His image gently began to fade in my mind’s eye, leaving behind a wake of such quiet peace and hope.

I felt so grateful as I emerged from that meditative moment that all I could think to do was to share the experience with you, my dear friend. Thank you for reading it!