The Power of Faith

When I tuned into the Angels for messages to share with you this month, they commented that there is a great portion of human energy focused upon wanting. Desire plays a tremendous role in characterizing human nature. It is a function of the Soul’s eternal state of expansion—ever reaching for new knowledge, experience, and creation. To expand consciousness and experience through our ever- evolving desires is an indelible aspect what shapes the soul through a human lifetime. Desire is one of the great Earthly teachers.

The gift the Angels wish to share with you today is the understanding of the relationship between desire and faith. Perhaps even now as you read these words there is a desire deep in your heart: one you have passionately longed and prayed for. Do you want your wish to come true? Do you hope to master the art of manifestation in your life? If the answer is yes, then Faith is the answer that heaven has delivered to you today. Faith is the key to receiving all that your heart and soul desire.

The following are words I channeled from the Archangel Michael:

“To have faith is to open your arms to receive the gifts that heaven is eternally giving. Faith is to open wide your heart and mind to a belief in the infinite possibilities of an infinite universe. Faith awakens your being to the lavish, endless flow of creative power that moves through you. Awaken and know that your every desire is a true and real possibility, immediately within your capabilities to manifest. For never do you create alone, but with the almighty, unlimited and infinite power of heaven within you. Faith is the permission you give to that force to lay miracles at your feet. Look no further than where your faith lies to discover the true cause and circumstance of your reality, wherein you may choose to turn your faith to the infinite divine. Every wish you will ever have has already been granted by heaven. Why not graciously

open your arms to receive? Faith is that receptivity: the key you eternally hold within your heart to opening life’s doors to miracles.”

Practice faith this month. If you do not know where to begin, simply ask the Angels and they will help you discover faith. Just the tiniest nudge of faith within you causes heaven to race a thousands steps in the direction of your good.