The Sacred World Tree

I have felt called to practice Shamanic Journey a lot lately in my personal spiritual practice. As many of you know, I have been working on co-creating a new course with my Angels and Spirit Guides on Shamanic Journey for the past several months—the experience of which has been nothing short of magical. In one of my recent shamanic journeys, I had an amazing experience with Archangel Ariel that I felt moved to share with you.

It was the hour just before sunrise and I had been awakened from sleep by spirit. I sat up, got out of bed and went into my living room (my personal sacred space for spiritual practice). As if on auto-pilot, I began to perform the ritual of initiation for Shamanic Journey. I lit a circle of candles and began channeling energy into each of the four directions: North, South, East, and West. Slowly and gently an old familiar feeling wrapped around my aura—the doors to the spirit world were open, and I could feel a tingling sensation of bright awareness enliven my senses.

I sat in the middle of the circle holding the “Chiltan Spirit” posture, a body posture used in Shamanic traditions to help initiate the meditative trance-state. Breathing deeply, I listened to the sound of the drum beat playing from my phone’s speakers as I began sinking down into my subconscious mind.

I am Journeying:

At first, the only impression I received was the sensation of deep, forest-green energy flowing in a figure-eight pattern through my hands, heart chakra, and solar plexus chakra. I relaxed into the flow, breathing and observing until the resonance of each drumbeat began to subtly echo with the sound of birds and windswept branches through my mind.

Suddenly I was aware that I was sitting at the base of a great and wise old tree. The tree’s energy seemed to smile at my presence, widening and opening to me as I sank into its trunk. From within the body of the tree, I could perceive the whole of an ancient forest: succulent tangled root systems that sprawled for miles, and a fertile swaying canopy of leaves and branches above. “I am the mother of the forest,” the spirit of the tree spoke silently. “Let me be your teacher and your provider. Let us lean on one another as we did in the ancient days when the human race was still so young.”

I sighed with pleasure. It was as comforting a sensation to hear the voice of the tree as I imagined it must have been to hear my own Mother’s voice when I lived in her womb. “Yes,” I thought towards her. “Teach me what you will. Help me to be an open, pure instrument.”

The tree seemed to smile again as she gently lifted my consciousness and wove it into each tendril of her roots and branches. Suddenly the entire color palette of the forest changed. I could perceive thousands of colors moving through every living organism—rainbows of light that I never would have known with my human sight. I was aware of where everything belonged in the harmony of the forest’s living tapestry, and it was magnificent.

“Human beings were parented by the trees many thousands of years ago. We thought of you as our children when you lived protected within our forests and first learned to tell your stories and sing your songs. We are proud of our little beloved ones and long to watch you grow anew. Know that if you seek us out as you reach for new heights, that we will lift you high and help you to see into the heavens.” 

The sound of the drum beat gently faded. An Angelic figure appeared before the tree and scooped me up in its arms. All of my awareness was suddenly being placed back into my body and into the physical present moment. The familiar colors and sensations of Archangel Ariel’s aura wrapped around me as I shifted my breathing, and gently grounded.

I immediately grabbed my journal and began writing what I had witnessed in the Spirit World. As I finished telling the tale of the ancient Mother Tree, Archangel Ariel chimed in. My pen danced across the paper, swept up in the wave of her messages.

Channeled Messages from Archangel Ariel: 

“Deep within the collective human psyche lies the ancient, sacred World Tree. It was planted there long ago when humanity made its first great leaps in consciousness evolution. The trees were among your first and safest homes. They taught you to grow by channeling the wisdom of their spirits into your psyche while you slept. In time, the human energy body began to pattern itself after that of the tree: gathering light from above, transforming it through your core, and rooting it down below. 

The trees still have much to teach your and they are still your home. Think of the trees as your wise elders. When you are in need of comfort, wisdom, or better listening skills to hear the divine, retreat to the forest. For in your primal origins, the human race made a pact with the World Tree—a pact that stands to this day. No tree shall ever abandon a human in need, but rather watch over you, and continually guide your growth. No tree shall ever forget the spirit truths that humanity longs to master on its path towards collective spiritual enlightenment. The sacred covenant of protection, teaching, and love shall forever stand between the trees and humanity.”

I looked outside my window with wide eyes at the oak tree peeking in. “Thank you.” Was all I could manage to say. I felt awestruck at the knowledge of how loving and wise these ancient beings were, and deeply moved to protect the relationship between us and the trees.