The Source of Joy

Channeled Messages from Archangel Chamuel

I sat in quiet, watching the morning light slowly crawl over the frost covered trees. “Breathe deeply,” I heard a warm, loving voice speak. “And match the rhythm of creation.” I began to breathe slow, long, and deep breaths, gradually feeling my body fill with the light-filled energy of the Angels. My heart began to lift as I noticed the presence of an Angel standing over my shoulder. His energy shone in soft golden-yellow, pink, and white tones. Archangel Chamuel was there, beaming with all of heaven’s love and grace.

As Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love, and wise on all matters of the heart, he specializes in teaching human beings about how to cultivate lasting, true happiness. Because Chamuel always sees from the perspective of Love, he embodies the sight of God, wherein he sees and understands all things. Chamuel showed me an image of placing a gift in my hands. I gazed into my hands with my mind’s eye to see a beautiful blooming lotus flower. I breathed in its energy, instantly feeling a heavenly breeze of joyful inspiration flood my senses.


Chamuel’s Words: 

“The joy of Heaven blooms from the simplest of treasures,” spoke Chamuel. “All human beings have the opportunity to bloom in Heaven’s garden of joyous delight within every single moment of life. The key to doing so lies in the quiet simplicity of your miraculous everyday experiences. When you awake in the morning, place your feet upon the Earth, breathe the essences of life, and give thanks for the marvelous dance of creation unfolding through and around you. When you take your day’s first sip of the life-giving waters of Earth, grow still and truly allow yourself to taste the holy power of creation that is merging with you when you drink. When you gaze into the eyes of the one you love, grow present and aware, and see the eyes of God gazing back at you. Heaven is on Earth, pouring out of the hearts of every living creature at every moment. You have but to grow still, listen, taste, smell, hear, and notice to know it. Joy lies not over the next mountain or horizon, but here in the stillness and quiet of the miraculous present moment—in the full realization of the glorious, unfolding life of every breath.” 

I placed my hands over my heart, visualizing the light-filled flower pressing into my chest. “Thank you,” I thought towards Chamuel. “Please help me to remember and treasure this truth now and always. So may it be for me, and so may it be for everyone upon the Earth.”