The Triumph of Light

Channeled Messages from the Angels

I was recently contemplating the suffering of the world. It can be so easy for us to look at how commonplace hardship seems to be within the collective, and to feel sorrowful, worried, or overwhelmed. In moments like this, I am always guided to turn my focus to the Angels.

“I pray to see the world not as I would see it, but as the Divine would have me see it.” 

These are the words I pray when I am seeking to anchor my perspective in Divine Truth and Light. I pray to clear my perspective of judgment—of attaching my ego’s perspective to the suffering I see.

If you are reading these words, then you are a soul who has elected to be a bearer of divine light in this world. You have the power to protect the presence of peace in our collective through the perspective you choose to hold. When you respond to suffering with a focus upon light, healing, love, hope, and wellbeing, you are helping the presence of God expand. You are acting as a vessel for the light and allowing its miraculous, healing touch to have access to this world.

I asked the Angels to chime in:

“Light has already triumphed over all suffering. Unity has already made that which seems separate whole. There is a reality in which peace and perfect wellness reign supreme. You have but to look through the illusion of temporal suffering to see the light of the eternal divine shining through all that exists infinitely. 

Holding space for awareness of the divine can dissolve suffering at its source. Fear is the source of all suffering. To suffer and yet to bravely dissolve the fear from which the suffering sprang is to work a healing miracle. And so we Angels invite you to detach from fear. Without attachment, fear dissolves instantly and consciousness is reclaimed for the light of Divine Truth and Love. 

Your task is simple: Do not fear. Reach instead for the light, and the higher intelligence of the divine will work its magic through you, instilling you with wisdom, truth, and infinite healing, abundance, and love. Through you the triumph of light, which already rests in eternity for you to claim, will manifest in this world.” 

There is always something for which to be grateful. There is always a blessing and an opportunity in each challenge. In response to suffering, embody comfort, love, forgiveness, compassion and healing wherever it is possible. Keep the flame of hope and peace alive in your heart, blessed friend, and know that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose in a greater way than you can imagine.