Visualize Success

William Blake once said, “What is now proved, was once only imagined.” This month, your Angels wish to remind you of your power to manifest good in your life. If you can dream it, you can create it. You have the power to give birth to your dreams, to overcome any of life’s obstacles, and to fulfill your spiritual life’s purpose. It all begins with your ability to visualize and believe.

As you approach the important matters of your heart, mind, and life-affairs, stop and consider this power you have to visualize, and therefore create success. If you take the time to focus on the success, fulfillment and peace you wish to experience in your life, you will naturally begin to head in the direction of that success. If a jogger were to look at a distant point off to her left, her body would naturally begin to drift in that direction, without her even thinking about it. When you visualize success, you are triggering multiple subconscious triggers for change in your entire being, right down to your physical cells. This literally creates space in your mind, heart, body and life-situation to attract that which you desire. Your visualizations bend and shift the whole universe around you so that source becomes what you are focusing on.

You create exactly as God creates. Source goes with you everywhere you go. Life is unlimited in abundance, and you wield its source. Today, your Angels urge you to spend just five minutes allowing yourself to understand your unlimited power to create. Make a wish and visualize its manifestation. You can experience literally anything you ask for and believe in!

Let’s begin that process together right now with a prayer: “Angels, help me to understand and use my ability manifest the life of my dreams. Guide me in my visualizations, thoughts, beliefs, and actions, so that I create the life God intends for me. I am powerful and I am ready to create and receive good in all ways.” Thank you for believing, beautiful one! In pursuing our dreams, together we are creating heaven on Earth. All of my love, prayers and gratitude go with you.