What Does it Mean to be Unlimited? 

What does it mean to be unlimited? We are individualized, fractal replicas of the Divine Source. As such, we have access to the same divine forces that gave birth to the universe. Each and every human soul thus holds infinite potential to create, experience, and expand. In other words, you can create and experience just about anything you can dream up.

But how do we do this? Why is it that so many people only seem to experience fleeting glimpses of our divine nature? In meditative prayer, I asked the Angels just that. This is the answer I received from them:

Channeled Messages from the Angels:

“You human beings tend to fear the truth of your unlimited nature. To hold, perceive, and wield your true divine power would mean the death of your ego. It would mean the dissolution of all attachments you hold to all the illusions your ego has placed around you in order to make a vast, infinite potential feel like a small world.

To cross the threshold from the small, illusory, temporary reality-construct of the ego, into your unlimited, divine nature would mean drastic change for many of you. The divine light of source, ever constant and unconditional in its miraculous illumination, might feel akin to burning flames—consuming, purifying, and transforming all aspects of you that are not real until there is no part of you remaining but your true, unlimited nature.

This change is what the ego fears.

To cross the threshold into your unlimited nature is also the dawning of responsibility. When you realize the depth and ALL-encompassing power of your unlimited nature, you also perceive that you are responsible for creating every single thing you experience without exception.

This too is what the ego fears.

To embody your unlimited nature, however, would not for one second be something to fear, in truth! There is nothing true within you that you can possibly lose. All of the ego’s illusions that would be destroyed in your full embrace of divine light will be destroyed eventually anyways. You cannot hold them forever, nor would you want to if you understood them as the prolongers of suffering that they truly are.

This is why we teach you to practice non-attachment to the illusions the ego would have you hold. This is why we guide you to give up guilt, self-judgment, and unworthiness. The greatest illusion the ego ever created was a self-concept in which you are somehow limited, small, or incapable.

Are you ready to perceive yourself as God made you? Are you ready to experience your true, unlimited, divine nature?

You have but to sacrifice your illusions to the holy flames of the divine in order to embody the unlimited. With courageous faith in the all-providing nature of the divine forces that you know as LOVE, embrace full responsibility for your constant, all-embracing power. Forgive the temporal illusions of the past, and give of your whole self to the divine without exception.

There is always a choice whether to live from your unlimited nature, or the limits of the ego. Which would you choose? If you want to be unlimited, pray thusly:

“I surrender all that I am to the divine. I fully forgive and release attachments to all of the illusions of the past, and embrace the dissolution of all that is not me in truth. I hold full awareness and responsibility for my unlimited power. I am one with the divine source irrevocably, now and always. And so it is.”

After channeling the Angels words, I felt them communicate that it would be important to practice the prayer they gave us regularly. I invite you to try this, then see what kind of changes begin to take place both in your inner and outer world.

The Angels want us to understand that though it would invoke great change, in truth, it is truly safe and good for us embrace our unlimited nature. Practice embracing it with me today, and let’s grow our on journey into the heart of Divine Truth together, my dear friends.