When Soul Mates Collide

Your soul mates are your life’s greatest teachers. And yes, we all have more than one. A soul mate can be a parent, sibling, child, friend, lover, or anyone else with whom you hold a strong spiritual agreement to help each other learn and grow.

Soul mates are not only those with whom you feel positively connected, but also the people who challenge you the most. They are often the souls who hold up a mirror to the parts of yourself you would rather not see. They push you to know yourself better and transform to match your innermost ideals, whether that process is comfortable or not.

Your soul mate relationships are where some of your most focused and meaningful spiritual growth occurs. And so, I tuned into the Angels for messages on this vital part of our life’s journey:

Channeled Angel Messages:

Love is the force that binds you together with all seven billion of your human brothers and sisters. Love is pure intelligence. When love draws two souls together, it is the divine creator’s sentience, embodying the perfect harmony of the universe, in action. Love is as infallible, natural, and in perfectly harmony as the forces that make the green grass grow, the seasons change, and the sun rise.

When love’s intelligence draws you towards another soul, it is enacting the perfect symmetry of the universe. Its chemistries inspire you to discover, create, and transform, and always with the same purpose: to guide you to make love’s existence fruitful and abundant— to multiply and expand the power and reach of love in every corner of your being, and upon the Earth.

And so, we invite you to approach each of your relationships with love. Even when pain, confusion, doubt, betrayal, or other imperfections arise, your highest purpose is to face them with love. Within each challenge that arises, simply continue to ask yourself: “How may I serve the expansion of love?”

We Angels are your loving champions and protectors. We are ever guiding you into greater, and greater, expressions of love, love, love. Call upon us and allow our guidance to help you weave love into every soul-mate encounter that life’s magnificent journey offers you.

My Reflections:

In working with the Angels over the years, they have taught me that choosing love creates a protective force. To choose love in a soul mate relationship is to choose health, wellbeing, and the protection of all that is good. In a functional soul mate relationship that is meant to last and provide partnership in your life, your soul mate will be aligned with you in choosing love.

And even in relationships in which your soul mate does not choose love, you still have the power to achieve new footholds for love in your life as a direct result. Even when you must walk away from another person’s life in order to champion real love, you’re taking a stand for the sacred, healthy values by which you wish to live. That not only gives you the opportunity to teach others by example, but also anchors the power of love in your life with greater strength than ever before.

Real love is worth working for, changing for, and healing for, and all of your soul mates are contributing to your awakening to accomplish just that.