When You’re Feeling Disconnected…

Angel Messages to Help you Find your Path Again.

One of the most heartbreaking questions I receive is on what to do when it feels like God has abandoned you. When human beings experience pain and difficulty, it is common for us to call ourselves, God, and the purpose of our lives into question. In states of extreme pain, it is normal for us to begin to wonder if the Angels are no longer with us, if their help has been rendered ineffective, or if our spiritual gifts and purpose have somehow become lost.

Pain and difficulty are products of existing in a state that is out of alignment with the harmonious flow of creation. These feelings manifest not as a form of punishment, abandonment, or destruction of our wellbeing, but as part of a highly intelligent system of communication within us. Painful feelings are catalysts whose purpose is to initiate our return into alignment with source energy. Challenges are therefore a healthy part of the human journey that expand our awareness of that which is good for us.

When you are feeling pain, heartbreak, fear, doubt, or loss in any form, it is important to remember that the painful feelings you are having are not the static truths your life. Rather, like moving rain-clouds in sky, these feelings are temporary products of the energies in your current mental, spiritual, or physical environment. Behind the clouds, the sun is still shining. The ultimate truth of your connectedness to all that is good, benevolently purposeful, and holy never alters, no matter your circumstances.

The Angels never abandon us. They are egoless beings who are impossible to offend, let down, or send away. Your Angels’ loving focus upon you never ceases, dims, or changes. They are the champions of your good devotedly and unconditionally. The creator never abandons us. To be separate from God is an impossibility. It would defy our very existence because the living, breathing nature of our existence is oneness with the creator. Though the clouds may temporarily obscure our view of the sun, it never stops shining.

How to Find your Path Again:

So how can we navigate through pain to find our spiritual paths again? What can we do to reconnect with our sense of support, direction, purpose, faith and divine love through loss or strife? Begin by simply reaching out to the Angels. Quiet your mind and breathe deeply. Then, simply think, speak, or write the word “Angels”. Tell the Angels all that you are feeling. It is safe to be truly vulnerable with the Angels, as their loving acceptance and approval of you is eternal, unending, and changeless. Pour out your heart, and surrender all of your needs, burdens, or questions to them. The Angels understand your heart better than you do, and in expressing your truth to them, you are taking a step towards alignment with their understanding. Give the Angels permission to help you carry, transform, or release any burdens you are carrying. The Angels are your loving companions, and with your permission and openness, they can work with you to create miracles.

The Angels wish to remind you that the steps you must take in order to re-harmonize yourself with the Source of Love are, in truth, divine gifts. For every step you take towards God allows the realization of Divine Love to take a thousand steps towards you. Every effort you make to root yourself in faith and connectedness with Heaven strengthens your relationship with the divine in a lasting way.

In Divine Truth, you are never alone, blessed one. It is impossible to be disconnected from the perfection that pours through you from your divine source always. Reach out for awareness of this infinite fountain of love and wellbeing. Even when you do not feel it, cultivate faith that it is there and ready to transform you in every moment. You are made of Love and from Love you can never be separate.