You are Stronger than you Realize

The collective energy within our shared human consciousness has recently been quite intense. As a result, many individuals have been experiencing sudden life changes, emotional intensity, tiredness, or challenges when it comes to working on life purpose. This intense energy is a result of darkness, or ego, fighting for dominance in a changing world. Ego and fear-based thinking are gradually being exposed. The growing light within us is collectively pressuring ego and darkness to relinquish their hold on human life. As the light naturally clears away the darkness, we can feel ourselves being challenged to participate in the dissolution of ego and fear. So if emotional intensity, stress or negativity have presented themselves in your life in an unusually strong or challenging way, know this: you are not alone, you have the power to clear this, and when you do overcome these challenges, not only will your own life be lighter, easier, and full of more joy and freedom, but so too will the collective.

We live in an age of a major evolutionary shift in consciousness. This shift will be an ongoing part of our lives, touching each one of us. Like the blooming of a flower, each petal opens in its own perfect timing. With each significant movement in the human blossoming, we experience changes and perspective shifts. This process is safe, natural and will result in harmony and healing. But like most growth that we experience on this planet, it is not always easy and comfortable. Growth often challenges us. And the collective growth we are now experiencing is challenging us both collectively and individually. You have the power to overcome personal challenges with love and faith, and thereby contribute love and faith to the world.

Today your Angels want you to know that you are stronger than you realize. Your strength comes from Love. Because you are one with the creator and therefore one with infinite Love, you have infinite strength. Create love everywhere you go, and you will thrive in all areas of life.

To strengthen love’s foothold in your life, practice forgiveness. If ever a moment of suffering crosses the threshold of your heart, you are strong enough to heal it and overcome it by responding with forgiveness. Forgive yourself, forgive others and forgive the world. Forgiveness is the power you hold to transcend imperfection and create a mind focused on Love. A mind focused on Love is the gateway to creating heaven on Earth.

When you choose Love, you are planting seeds of hope and empowerment in the world. So when life is hard, choose to nurture and love yourself, to have fun, to give and receive comfort, to laugh, and to be kind. Your greatest strength comes from the heart. Like a flower following the sun, your heart will always point out the way to the light. Even the wounded heart holds within it all the strength and power required to be the most powerful of healers. Foster your inner strength by following your heart towards love.