Your Inextinguishable Inner Power

Messages from Archangel Michael

For this month’s Angel messages, I chose to tune in to one of my favorite Angels to work with, Archangel Michael. Michael’s message to us is one of self-empowerment. In response to anything we might find ourselves facing in life, Michael urges us discover our divine power to create, change and uplift our lives. We are truly unlimited in our ability to affect change. And the first step to doing so lies in discovering that our power comes from Love. Embody perfect love in your relationship with yourself. Make this your aim and your practice each and every day, and watch the way this allows your life to unfold in mysterious and magical ways to fulfill the calling of your heart’s every wish and desire. There is nothing in this world that we cannot heal and transform into love. Here is the channeled message I received from Michael:

“Dear Ones, I am coming to you with a message so powerful and bright that it will wake the presence of God within you. You are walking each day upon this earth with heaven in your spirit, light pouring forth from your heart, and God the creator in your every breath. Your power is indomitable, inexhaustible, and infinite. You are the co-creators of this world, and in this life you are designed to discover this power and further its use in yet unimagined ways. If you wish to live life as God-eternal, with heaven pouring into all that you embody, meet and create, then lavish your heart with Love and understanding. Seek no further than to satisfy, nurture, forgive, and dote upon your dear and cherished self. For it is in coming into pure, blissful, all-loving and all-accepting union with the self that we find the source of our true power and create our heaven on Earth. You are heaven’s beloved children, and there is nothing our creator could ever deny you. Know that you are cherished. Feel the love God feels for you. This is the secret to accessing all the knowledge, love and power in the universe. Amen.”